3 Telltale Signs You Are Not Ready to Get Organized

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I like to think of organizing as a life-long commitment.  If you think about it, organizing is kind-of like being on a diet.  Heck, there are even books that use the same lingo that a person would find when thinking of going on a diet:

The one thing I have learned is that not everyone is ready to get organized (even though they think they might be).  In my opinion, there are three telltale signs you are not ready to get organized.


Boy, we can talk ourselves into almost anything and talk ourselves out of doing things.  In the end, they really are excuses that we make to find a way not get something done.  For example, if you wanted to loose weight, how many excuses could you come up with.  Here are my top excuses:

  • I’m too busy.
  • I’m too old to be on a diet.
  • I work hard so I should be able to enjoy that piece of chocolate cake or whatever else I feel like.
  • I’ll start tomorrow.

Any of those sound familiar?  Well it’s no different when it comes to organizing.  Have you ever caught yourself saying the following?

  • I don’t have time.
  • I just love shopping so I have a hard time not buying things when I go to the store.
  • I don’t know where to even start.

Well, those are all excuses.  You can make the time, you can stop buying for the sake of buying or filling a void, and you can get help to get you started.  It can be from your family, your friends, or from a professional.  There is always a way!

Just do it

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You are looking for a quick fix

Just like with dieting, there is never a quick fix with organizing.  Sure a room can be transformed in a day and it can be just like a T.V. show.  However, if you are not ready to embrace the change in your habits, the organizing will never work!  In real life, it takes time and maintenance.  Your ‘clutter pile’ did not happen over night – and the organizing of that pile will not happen over night as well.  If you are looking for a quick fix, you are setting yourself up for failure and are not dedicated to the process that organizing is.

Keep Calm - Excuses

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You continue to fill your spaces

There is only so much real estate in your home.  Yes, you can buy a bigger house but guess what?  If you’re prone to filling every space, you will never have a big enough house.  You can go and rent storage units, but how many storage units does one person need?  Quite honestly – you don’t need any (unless you need them to keep files or items for a limited time).  The cycle of filling without shedding will eventually come to a breaking point and you will find yourself with no room.


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So now what?

It’s ok to wait to get yourself organized.  Truly – it is.  Some of my favorite projects have been with clients who are truly ready to become organized.  They listen to suggestions, they open are engaged in the process, and they are ready to make changes.  Some of them even shed a tear or two as they work through the entire process.  They know the journey will not be a quick fix, they do not have unrealistic expectations, and they do not make excuses about how they got to the state they are in and why things are the way they are.  They are simple ready.

So here’s to taking your time and to know when it’s time to get it together.
Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

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  1. on 21.07.2014
    at 6:29 AM

    Thank you for this wonderful post, I just read a previous post on your site about organizing and then this one felt like a revelation! I have a really bad habit of storing stuff and I never get better unless my Mom throws away my stuff.
    Thanks you once again, and let’s see whether this habit gets better in the future or not! 🙂

    • on 21.07.2014
      at 7:46 AM

      Thank you Aditya! I’m so glad you popped by my blog. All the best with your habit! 🙂

  2. on 24.07.2014
    at 12:13 PM

    I find if my clients disagree with every idea I have the are not ready to commit. I also find if all they want is a storage space for the give away items, they are not ready. I try to make them see the value in living an uncluttered life by coaching them as we work.

    • on 28.07.2014
      at 7:25 AM

      Hi Liz,
      I totally hear what you are saying. Some clients are easier to coach than others – don’t you find?
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment!

  3. on 12.11.2014
    at 8:49 PM

    Excuses are the best ways to enter dead lock stage of mind where you can’t find any solutions You just keep engaging your self with false predictions and assumptions.Its really an helpful post for betterment

    • on 14.11.2014
      at 9:16 AM

      Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate you stopping by to leave your comment. Have a great day! ~Sheri

  4. on 08.12.2014
    at 10:12 PM

    Excuses are made when you are too lazy to do something. And when things are not done properly its not because you are lazy, its because you are not organized. Is well explained in your article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. on 18.06.2015
    at 6:06 AM

    Actually fantastic message, information is very fine. because in normal we all are facing this issues in our day to day issues, the thing is we don’t have time to rectify our mistakes, very nice information about excuses, thank you so much for this blog

    • on 18.06.2015
      at 9:34 AM

      You are so welcome! Glad you liked it. ~Sheri

  6. on 07.07.2015
    at 4:55 AM

    Great post! Excuses is what human always give themselves… Or phrase like “I don’t have time.”, “I’m too busy for it~” and etc. Wonderful piece of adivse, will definitely sure this with my content with my staff @ the restaurant! 🙂

    • on 07.07.2015
      at 7:38 AM

      Glad you found it helpful! ~Sheri

  7. on 07.04.2016
    at 8:45 PM

    I totally agree with you. I always give myself excuses when I cannot complete my task. It can make me feel more relief but demotivate me. Thanks for your great share. I will definitely come back to see other posts in your site.

    • on 08.04.2016
      at 8:45 AM

      Thanks Jenny.

  8. on 20.06.2016
    at 3:08 PM

    Great article Sheri, I really enjoyed reading through this. I’m sure I need these organizational skills!

    • on 25.06.2016
      at 6:33 PM

      Thanks Mike – and thanks for stopping by to leave your comment!

  9. on 22.06.2016
    at 12:58 AM

    Thanks for sharing your Insight. I do also have a tendency of giving excuses and now I have learn that it is a sign of laziness. I look forward for such articles from you.

  10. on 05.07.2016
    at 2:08 AM

    Thanks for the post. Am a victim of the same habits and it timely to read this informative tips of praying and doing it.

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