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I’m not sure what it is with age, but the older I get, the less I want.  That being said, the things I like tend to be pricier.   So I guess it’s the age-old ‘you pay for what you get’ ringing true for me.

In continuing our love this month in February, I would like to share an online store that I have come across that I really love!


There are many reasons that I really love this online store.

  1. They ship to Canada!  I know that may seem a bit silly, but there are some wonderful stores in the US that will not ship to Canada.  I typically have to send it to my sister’s place in Denver and then have her ship it to me (which ends up being WAY more expensive)!
  2. For staging, redecorating, and organizing, they have some really great deals.  For those of you who know me well or who follow me, you know I will say this in the same breath: “ it’s only a deal if you need it!”
  3.  The have a huge selection that changes frequently.

 Decorative Accessories

Right now, there are over 15,000 decorative accessories. Like the following:

 Winslow Decorative Wall Mirror

Winslow Decorative Mirror

Image credit

 Solid Aluminum 6-inch Decorating LetterSolid Aluminum 6-inch Decorating Letter

Image credit

Abbyson Living Devon Round Wall Mirror

Abbyson Living Devon Mirror Image credit


They have over 3,100 different types of lighting!  This one is not to my personal taste, but look at how funky this is!

Lavender Curtin Crystal ChandelierLavender Curtin Crystal Chandelier Image credit


Although I don’t have a spot for this one, it sure is unique!

Empire Modern Crystal 5-light Chandelier

crystal chandelier

Image credit

In their Home Improvement section there are categories like:

  • storage and organization
  • bath
  • faucets
  • sinks
  • tile
  • hardware
  • showers
  • and more!

You can find itmes such as

Provence Oil Rubbed Bronze 5-piece Bathroom Accessory Set

 Provence Oil Rubbed Bronze 5-piece Bathroom Set

Image credit


This is such a funky bathroom sink!

Kokols Wallmount Bathroom Pedestal Glass Sink Vanity Combo


 Image credit

One thing to be aware of:  You could literally spend hours on this site!  I just know that if I’m sourcing out for a staging project or working on a project that involves some redecoration, this is one of the first online sites I will visit!

Happy browsing (see how I didn’t say buying)  😉

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  1. on 04.03.2014
    at 12:01 AM

    Thank-you For Sharing this Article with us, Its really helpful to others

    Many Decorative Item are there for Home decor and Decorative Items for making Home beautiful.

    Regards Tina

    • on 07.03.2014
      at 11:35 PM

      You are so welcome Tina! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. on 02.04.2014
    at 1:43 AM

    I was looking for such home decoration that I needed for my new home. Thanks for sharing this, looking forward for your new post.

  3. on 19.05.2014
    at 4:00 AM

    I am impressed that your home decorative accessories. Thanks for sharing.

    • on 19.05.2014
      at 9:35 PM

      Thank you Janet. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. on 19.07.2014
    at 1:14 PM

    Thanks for sharing decorative accessories for home. I vote for the last picture, Interesting details for the bathroom.
    Best Regards

  5. on 05.08.2014
    at 6:20 AM

    I always look for some cool ideas for furniture and home designs so you have shared a lot of different things for using in home. I will be visiting for more ideas in future 🙂

    • on 05.08.2014
      at 11:26 AM

      Thanks James. Glad to hear you enjoyed the article.

      • on 08.08.2014
        at 4:44 AM

        You are most welcome 🙂

  6. on 04.11.2014
    at 4:38 AM


    I have been needing a site having fab collection of sanitary fittings and I really appreciate your post. 🙂

    Thanks a ton.

    • on 04.11.2014
      at 8:35 AM

      Hi Ankita – you are so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. ~Sheri

  7. on 20.11.2014
    at 11:41 PM

    Your website is fantastic, I love your post it’s very information and well written.

    • on 21.11.2014
      at 8:03 AM

      Thanks for the very nice comment. I hope you have a great day! ~Sheri

  8. on 28.12.2014
    at 4:25 PM

    Great post indeed. I was just searching for home decoration ideas for my work until I stumbled upon your site. They are all informative. Thanks again and wishing you all the best for 2015!

    • on 03.01.2015
      at 8:15 AM

      Thank you Carl. Wishing you happiness and health for 2015!

  9. on 20.09.2015
    at 10:30 AM

    I Love your Decorative Accessories, Thanks for sharing this post.

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    • on 20.09.2015
      at 4:15 PM

      Very cool! I’ll make sure to check it out. ~Sheri

  10. on 16.01.2016
    at 6:21 AM

    Thanks for sharing that awesome online store link here. They have broad collection of various products. I’m looking forward to buy one of the Chandeliers images you mentioned above.

  11. on 04.01.2017
    at 10:43 AM

    I was just searching for home decoration ideas for my work until I stumbled upon your site. They are all informative. Tha ks for the shearing..

    • on 07.01.2017
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      Thanks for stopping by!

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