Bathroom Planning

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Bathroom Planning

I have the absolute pleasure of working with a couple to help them with their bathroom planning to transform their master bathroom.

When I first met my clients they knew that they wanted a change but were not exactly sure what they could get.  Since the budget I was given was a good range, I decided to create 3 plans for my clients: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bathroom Planning – Bronze


bathroom planning
This bathroom plan includes:

  • a new vanity
  • new double sink (they currently have a single sink)
  • new faucets
  • new mirrors
  • more lighting (currently they have one light)
  • new toilet
  • new backsplash tile
  • new flooring (this is a luxury vinyl tile that will also be installed in the master bedroom).
  • new paint (still TBD)
  • new window coverings

This Bronze package also involves taking their existing shower and replacing the glass.  It also includes keeping the corner bathtub but replacing the tile surround.

Bathroom Planning – Silver

bathroom planning

This bathroom plan includes:

  • a new vanity that is an ‘upgrade’ from the Bronze package
  • new double sink (they currently have a single sink)
  • new faucets
  • new mirrors
  • more lighting (currently they have one light)
  • new toilet
  • new backsplash tile
  • new flooring (this is a luxury vinyl tile that will also be installed in the master bedroom).
  • new paint (still TBD)
  • new window coverings
  • new bathtub
  • new, larger shower

The biggest difference with this package is the larger shower and a smaller bathtub.

Bathroom Planning – Gold

bathroom planning

This bathroom plan includes:

  • a custom vanity that includes additional storage in between the sinks
  • new double sink (they currently have a single sink)
  • new faucets
  • new mirrors
  • more lighting (currently they have one light)
  • new toilet
  • new backsplash tile
  • new flooring (this is a luxury vinyl tile that will also be installed in the master bedroom).
  • new paint (still TBD)
  • new window coverings
  • new stand alone bathtub
  • new, larger shower

The Decision

Well, this is always the most difficult part!  Even though I’ve created 3 distinct plans, it doesn’t mean my clients can not choose the vanity from the Silver package and the tub from the Gold package.  What I have done is provide my clients with design ideas that will work for their space (the floor plan will change a bit with the Silver and Gold package so we’re looking at some additional plumbing and electrical costs that have been factored in).

I can’t wait to start this project and will let you know when it’s all done!


When it comes to renovations and work done in your home, you just can not afford to make a mistake!  Send me an email to discuss your home.

One of the biggest investments one can make is the investment of a home and I believe you should LOVE coming home.

Sheri Bruneau  Get It Together

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  1. on 21.04.2015
    at 5:56 AM

    Wow some beautiful ideas i just started remodeling my bathroom still busy with the tear down 😀 you gave me some great ideas thanks for posting

    • on 24.04.2015
      at 8:12 AM

      You are so welcome Amy. Good luck with your bathroom reno!

  2. on 21.04.2015
    at 10:34 AM


    Love the bathrooms’ design Gold design. Would you recommend using wall paper as a featured wall?

    • on 24.04.2015
      at 8:11 AM

      Thank you. While I did look at using wallpaper as a feature, we’re going to go with subway tile instead. Working with their budget I’ve had to pull from one area in order to get the shower and stand alone bathtub. I am really loving the new wallpaper designs and colours these days!

      • on 01.05.2015
        at 9:42 AM

        Hi Sheri,

        Was this expensive bathroom fit out or was it quite reasonably priced? It certainly looks expensive so you have done your magic if you got it at a good price surely!

        • on 08.05.2015
          at 7:49 AM

          The three bathroom plans were quoted as follows: The Bronze quote was $9,000, the Silver was $15,000 and the Gold package was $18,000. That’s from start to finish. My clients have chosen to go with the Gold package. Demolition happened this week so we’re well on our way! ~Sheri

  3. on 22.04.2015
    at 4:17 AM

    wow this is is truly amazing the three colors are wonderful and would look very good in the bathroom. dint even think bronze can be used. very very good

    • on 24.04.2015
      at 8:09 AM

      Thanks Claudia! I’m looking forward to starting this project and can’t wait to share it.

    • on 26.08.2016
      at 3:12 AM

      As a plumber and bathroom fitter in England, I quite like the idea of the having the bronze silver and gold options. I don’t think bronze refers to the colour of the bathroom by the way… it’s bronze, silver and gold level, meaning the different tiers or price levels of the bathroom refit 😉

      • on 26.08.2016
        at 8:27 AM

        Hi Amy,
        Thanks for the comments. I love giving my clients options and yes – bronze does not refer to the colour. Giving my clients different options (tiers) for price levels gives them the flexibility to make choices that will fit into their budget.

  4. on 13.05.2015
    at 10:01 AM

    I am thinking of renovating our bathroom as well. And I am looking for more ideas on how I can add some beauty inside a little space in our house. Do you think a wall art would be good for a bathroom? I really love seeing those stuffs in some places like those messages. And I would love to have one in our house.

    • on 17.05.2015
      at 8:03 AM

      Hi there,
      Wall art can be a great way to add the pretty into a space. For your bathroom, since I have obviously not seen it, I’m wondering if there is there a way to add the wall art and mirror all in one. I often will source out and find a pretty mirror that not only is functional to use, but pretty as well.

      I hope that helps. ~Sheri

  5. on 03.07.2015
    at 12:35 AM

    very nice information you shared…These tips are very helpful for bathroom planning.

  6. on 05.07.2015
    at 10:34 PM

    I can’t tell exactly what kind of shower head you have chosen. It looks like a panel style. Do you have any follow up pictures?

    • on 07.07.2015
      at 7:45 AM

      Hi Todd,
      The bathtub was actually upgraded so due to that fact, the stand alone faucet for the tub had to change…which meant the shower and sink faucets needed to be changed as well. As a result, we went with this one: PFISTER Saxton 1-Handle Shower Only Trim in Polished Chrome. I don’t have follow up pictures yet as my client is doing the work themselves. The floors are just being installed, the shower, tub sinks will then be next, wall tile will follow and then paint! Hopefully in a couple of weeks it will all be done! ~Sheri

  7. on 15.09.2015
    at 12:54 AM

    Thanks for sharing, its nice blog and love to put on my baby’s bathroom too! This so cool., thanks so much.

    • on 20.09.2015
      at 4:17 PM

      You are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by. ~Sheri

  8. on 10.10.2015
    at 9:58 AM

    As a plumber I am often asked for ideas for bathrooms. I never thought of offering different plans – great idea.

    • on 12.10.2015
      at 8:46 PM

      Thanks! ~Sheri

  9. on 01.11.2015
    at 5:51 AM

    Wow your idea is great. Actually I am searching for a website about bathroom designing ideas and found yours. It is for one of my client. Thanks for giving such a nice idea.

    • on 01.11.2015
      at 7:33 AM

      You are so welcome! I hope everything works out for your project! ~Sheri

  10. on 06.11.2015
    at 1:10 PM

    Great tips for renovation. But you can easily add some shower panels… they are great addition to any modern bathroom.

    • on 10.11.2015
      at 4:54 PM

      I tend to be on the cautious side with shower panels. Most of my General Contractors and plumbers will not work with panels. There’s too much of a risk of water damage. It may just mean that we don’t have a great selection of wall panels, but I don’t tend to use them unless they are one piece.

  11. on 28.12.2015
    at 11:43 PM

    Great suggestions for your clients. After your clients finished the work, were you able to get any follow up pictures?

  12. on 12.01.2016
    at 8:39 AM

    Thank you for the great useful information, i now have an ideal on how to remodel my bathroom.

    • on 12.01.2016
      at 10:05 AM

      That’s fantastic! All the best with your remodel. ~Sheri

  13. on 14.02.2016
    at 11:01 PM

    Hey,, Good share..

    Really liked these tips, I am thinking to start the remodelling of my bathroom and through this blog I will get help in desiging it..

    Thankyou.. 🙂

  14. on 15.02.2016
    at 11:25 AM

    Hey, great post. I just wanted to add that when doing any type of bathroom upgrades or remodels, it’s very important to make sure you’re not damaging your plumbing. It can be easy to get in over your head with these kinds of things, especially if you’re inexperienced, and damaging your plumbing while performing an upgrade can cost a lot of money for the repair, as well as cause damage to your home as well as the new feature you’re installing.

    • on 18.02.2016
      at 10:16 AM

      This is why I always have a professional plumber do the work for my clients. I agree – if you don’t know what you are doing, leave it to a professional!

  15. on 23.02.2016
    at 1:05 AM

    Hey Sheri, good share..
    I really liked your tips. A fantastic post to remodel your bathroom. Re modelling also requires repairing all the plumbing issues that are present in your bathroom. These issues are handled with the help of a professional plumber.

    You have mentioned great suggestions and information for your clients. You have given very nice information and in will share it with my friends as well. These tips will definitely help people who are thinking to remodel their bathrooms.

    • on 25.02.2016
      at 10:27 AM

      Hi Ryan,
      I agree about your point of repairing all the plumbing issues and using a professional plumber. That is something I bring up with clients as we prepare a budget. While most individuals don’t think about plumbing (as it’s behind the walls and no one will ever see it), it’s a necessity that has to be addressed. Clients are typically focused on the finishes and forget there’s an entire aspect of a renovation that has to be considered.

      Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments. I truly appreciate them.

      • on 29.02.2016
        at 2:30 AM

        Thanks Sheri, Will definitely look forward to your budget.

  16. on 25.02.2016
    at 7:33 AM

    Great ideas for the bathrooms here. We are in the bathroom furniture business and we have a free brochure to download from our website if you want to have a look.

    • on 25.02.2016
      at 10:22 AM

      That would be great. Thank you – I sure will!

  17. on 09.04.2016
    at 3:55 AM

    Hey Sheri, I enjoyed reading your post, thanks. I would also like to integrate wood flooring into my own restroom, but I’m worried about the wood or vinyl warping, due to the humidity. Since the wife takes forever, and kids spill all the time. What’s your experience with Vinyl, I have always had tile set.

    • on 10.04.2016
      at 2:26 PM

      There is a lot of great vinyl that looks like hardwood that would be great in a bathroom. I’ve used products called Drop and Done and Flexi Plank that are wonderful for these rooms. XL Flooring ( is who makes this flooring. If you take a look at the website, it will talk about the pros of this kind of flooring. This would be a great place to start as you can see if there are flooring stores where you are that will carry this product OR something similar. My flooring rep says both Drop and Done and Flexi Plank are their top sellers! I hope this is helpful.

    • on 10.04.2016
      at 2:30 PM

      Thanks for the lovely comment. I use a product that is through XL Flooring ( They have 2 products (Drop and Done and Flexi Plank). These two floors will never warp! This flooring is made to withstand pretty much everything (including water and humidity). I have used both Drop and Done as well as Flexi Plank in numerous renovations with great success. I’m not sure if a flooring company near you will have this product however they may have something else similar. My showroom has a piece of Drop and Done emerged in a container of water and there is absolutely no warping! It’s pretty amazing to see. I hope this is helpful for you.

  18. on 14.04.2016
    at 6:53 PM

    I get to work with homeowners myself as a local contractor and really enjoy transforming someones dated bathroom into a private oasis. It really is great watching peoples reaction after seeing what a bathroom makeover can do for the space. Thanks for sharing your story, and new bathroom ideas!

    • on 15.04.2016
      at 1:00 PM

      Thanks Jeff. You have some pretty great pictures on your site too!

  19. on 19.04.2016
    at 3:26 AM

    I could classify bathroom planning as one of the most stressful renovations I have ever had to do to the house and would advise new home buyers to buy a home that has the perfect bathroom for them at the time but if you must really renovate the bathroom don’t be like me, don’t renovate all 3 of them at the same time being forced to use the outside facilities. don’t use the same contractor for the job they start getting arrogant after completing the first one knowing they will be used for the other two and lastly ask for help picking out the colour schemes for the other bathrooms that aren’t in the master bedroom.

  20. on 25.04.2016
    at 5:01 AM

    There are many tools available for Floor plan designing. Bathroom is an essential part of home and needs extra care if you like cozy bathing times.

    • on 25.04.2016
      at 7:26 AM

      Is there a particular floor plan design that you have used? I am aware of a lot of free versions however I don’t use a free version. I use Chief Architect Interiors that allow for not only a 2D rendering, but a 3D rendering as well. Just curious if you’ve found one that you enjoy using.

  21. on 28.04.2016
    at 8:12 PM

    I really loved this article about bathroom! It gave me some new insights I never really thought about before.

    • on 29.04.2016
      at 7:55 AM

      Glad you found it useful.

  22. on 04.05.2016
    at 11:39 PM

    Sheri, very nice post. I’m planning to redecorate our bathroom next month but I’m not interested to do too much work. I’ll probably just change our current tiles with one that is a little more modern.

    • on 06.05.2016
      at 3:24 PM

      Melvin, there are a lot of ways to ‘refresh’ a space without touching the template of the space. Wishing you all the best with our bathroom!

  23. on 12.05.2016
    at 7:16 PM

    Great post Sheri! Do you mid sharing what the additional electrical costs were? Have you thought about doing some of the (legal) electrical work yourself to save money?

    • on 13.05.2016
      at 8:28 AM

      Hi James,

      I did not manage this project (I only designed the space) so I’m not sure what the total cost was for the electrical. For me personally, I would never tackle any electrical work. That is totally out of my comfort zone and I’m not an electrician. I prefer to leave things like electrical and plumbing to the professionals.

  24. on 23.05.2016
    at 12:08 AM

    wow this is a brilliant way to plan a bathroom you must have had a great plumber to help you out

  25. on 29.05.2016
    at 5:37 AM

    Wow your idea is great,,,,,,,,,,Thanx for giving such a nice idea ,,,,,, Thanx aloooott.

  26. on 15.06.2016
    at 7:38 PM

    Nice bathroom plan with images..

  27. on 17.06.2016
    at 4:19 AM

    You ought to love yourself enough to be able to do this to y.o.u.r bathroom…especially if you are an African like me

  28. on 21.06.2016
    at 12:34 PM

    It was unexpected that I came across with your post. It was very informational; thanks for the great advice – really don’t want to mess up the renovation.

  29. on 24.06.2016
    at 1:25 AM

    Nice bathroom plan with images.. To view more visit please visit for more disignable image about some more beautifull designs.

  30. on 24.06.2016
    at 3:39 AM

    Thanks for sharing, its a nice blog and very helpful to plan a bathroom. Keep posting!

  31. on 03.07.2016
    at 5:01 PM

    i just love your ideal about the decor it looks great ill try to used some of it next time

  32. on 04.07.2016
    at 12:23 AM

    Love those bathroom designs. They look very beautiful. It’s a really nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  33. on 04.07.2016
    at 1:44 AM

    thank for sharing blog
    its very nice i ll build house that time i use it i like

  34. on 22.07.2016
    at 2:47 AM

    sheri i really need to add a biger shower like i see on this post i dont know what i was thinking of great tip.

    • on 22.07.2016
      at 8:44 AM

      Glad you found it helpful! Cheers ~Sheri

  35. on 24.07.2016
    at 10:59 AM

    Hmmm.. Makes me want to remodel my bathroom..

  36. on 20.08.2016
    at 11:12 PM

    Love the Silver one. Thanks for sharing.

    • on 22.08.2016
      at 7:25 AM

      Thanks Steven. We have a meeting this week to solidify the options and make a decision. Will keep everyone posted.


  37. on 10.09.2016
    at 4:10 PM

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing

  38. on 12.09.2016
    at 11:04 PM

    Looking forward to reading your next post this one was very informative and love what you did with these projects. keep up the great work! I’m in the plumbing niche i hope you don’t mind if i plug my link here. I think it may be useful to some on your website.

  39. on 21.09.2016
    at 5:58 AM

    hi sheri

    very nice your site..all the needs of the home is here and has become the reference of each the designer

  40. on 29.09.2016
    at 1:02 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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    at 4:29 AM

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  42. on 11.11.2016
    at 5:18 AM

    Great planing. The content is really amazing and beautiful. Hope to get few pieces of content written by her.
    Waiting for the next.

  43. on 11.11.2016
    at 6:20 AM

    Nice toilet seats! Don’t know whether I’d go for something so snazzy though! 🙂

  44. on 15.12.2016
    at 12:26 PM

    I like the silver plan personally. Good mix of quality and affordability. Good stuff.

  45. on 20.12.2016
    at 9:52 PM

    Such a beautiful ideas i just started remodeling my bathrooms you have only bathrooms accessories or other home accessories such as Composite Doors Liverpool but in designing my bathrooms you help me a lot
    Thanks for your help and i am waiting for you next Article

  46. on 29.12.2016
    at 4:10 AM

    love the blog and thanks to provide wonderful bathroom planning techniques for different colors.

  47. on 18.01.2017
    at 2:21 PM

    Interesting post-Sheri. I’m hoping to makeover our bathroom this year but I’m not looking to do too much work so will probably just update our existing electric shower with one that is a little more classy.

    • on 20.01.2017
      at 10:10 AM

      Albert, even though you say you won’t do too much work, I know that simple changes can make a huge impact. Wishing you all the best with your bathroom.

  48. on 20.01.2017
    at 4:35 PM

    Installed a handful of showers myself like from the gold package you put together here. Looking to get more into bathroom fitting here in the UK so scoping the web and came across your blog, nice idea on putting a couple of different bathroom packages together, makes the decision making process for the customer a little more straightforward. thumbs up from across the pond


    • on 21.01.2017
      at 11:10 AM

      Thanks Anthony. I like to give my clients options and by doing so, I hopefully show them the potential of their space and something that they might not have thought of. In the end, the ball is in their court and they get to decide which option (and budget) to go with.

      Cheers to you!

  49. on 10.03.2017
    at 12:59 PM

    I love the color combinations you’ve chosen Sheri! It looks like the idea is to brighten up smaller bathrooms, and we’ve been doing a few smaller 10’x8′ bathrooms in condos lately (here in southern California). Probably would be a good idea to push for larger mirrors to compensate. Thank you for sharing!

    • on 11.03.2017
      at 10:35 PM

      Thanks Matthew. I’d love to see some of your work. Please feel free to share!

  50. on 11.03.2017
    at 6:21 AM

    Thankyou for sharing this post , this is something informative

  51. on 11.03.2017
    at 7:28 AM

    Awesome ideas for bathroom planning! Gotta make some notes.

  52. on 28.03.2017
    at 9:07 PM

    Wow! Great ideas for Bathroom remodeling. Thanks for sharing will formulate a plan of around this tips and going to use nano vitrified tiles for flooring.

  53. on 05.04.2017
    at 6:56 AM

    thanks admin for sharing up some unique and very attractive designs. you have great experiences all the way. keep your job.

  54. on 20.04.2017
    at 4:15 AM

    Nice article you posted. Thanks for sharing this information.

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