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maria killam true colour expert colour boards

Image: Maria Killam

As a certified True Colour Expert™ I have the training and education to understand the undertones in your home.  Working around fixed elements is often a step that many people either don’t know about or are not aware at the impact it can make.  What is powerful is how a fresh, new, CORRECT colour can transform your home!

I have 125, 11X14 colour boards to help you see what colour will be the best choice for your space(s).

Colour Consultations

Interior Colour Selections

One Room Colour Consultation $100

$60 for each additional colour up to 5 different colours.

Entire home $550  (up to 12 colours)

Entire home $750 (up to 20 colours)

Entire home $1250  (21 + colours)

*prices do not include GST

Exterior Colour Selections

Choosing exterior colours is not always easy.  Using my system of choosing colours, there is a system I follow to ensure all of your fixed elements will work together.

I will help you choose the following:

  • Siding or Stucco
  • Front Door colour
  • Roof Colour
  • Stone or Brick
  • Trim and Accent colours

Package price $875 + GST

Individual Pricing

  • Siding or Stucco: $200
  • Front Door Colour: $75
  • Roof Colour: $200
  • Stone or Brick: $200
  • Trim and Accent colours: $200

*prices do not include GST

Stop the guess work when it comes to making paint selections!

interior paint colour selections

If you are long distance, I can still help you with your color needs.  Contact me today to find out more.