Colour Trends for 2017: My Personal Thoughts

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This past week I was treated to an evening with Sherwin Williams to hear all about their colour trends for 2017.  While my design style tends to be more ‘timeless’, it was interesting to hear about the 4 trends and form my opinion.

Colour Trend: Noir

Noir means night, and just as you may think, the majority of these colours are deep and rich.  My first gut reaction was, ‘ugh!’  It’s so dark and heavy and not fresh feeling at all (and fresh is what most of my clients are asking for).

colour trends

Image source

In this colour trend category you will see dark tones with a bit of bright flash.  According to Sherwin Williams,

“This palette is rich with vine-ripe fruits, Nordic blues, moody neutrals and golden yellows.”  

Using these colours paired just right can lead to some pretty amazing spaces. I’m seeing more and more of these deep, rich colours making a dramatic space.  Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179) paired with white still leaves a room feeling fresh!

colour trends

Image source

Mature Grape (SW 6286) paired with warm neutrals evoke a feeling of cosy and warm.

colour trends

Image source

Colour Trend: Holistic

When this colour trend palette came up you could hear a little bit of rustling in the crowd.  Yes – this one is definitely fresh and airy and a fan favourite.

“The roads of this journey are lined with arctic neutrals, blush rose and wild browns.”

colour trends

Image source

When I saw this palette come up, the feelings I had were much different compared to Noir.  For me, this evokes a feeling of relaxation, calm and peace.  I’m not sure if you feel that – but that is what I feel!

colour trendsImage source

colour trends

Image source (Acier SW 9170)

Colour Trend: Intrepid

This colour palette is definitely bold.

colour trends

Image source

For those of you who may be timid to add colour on a wall, this palette allows you to add that big splash of colour (perhaps with toss cushions) instead of making the big committment on a wall.  Popular Gray works so well with Dahlia and Rayo de Sol!  There are also many other colours in the colour trend palette that would also work.

colour trends


Colour Trend: Unbounded

If there was one word I would use to describe this palette, it would be global.  As Sherwin Williams describes this palette,

“…earthy mustards, ocean blues, corals and mud.”

colour trends

Image source

This colour trend category are colours I don’t use a ton as they are colours that are not requested a lot by my clients.  But oh….how fun these would be to create a space!  Sealskin was actually a contender for a vanity however we decided, in the end that another colour was even better!

How great is this door (and rug)?!

colour trends

Image source (Freshwater SW 6774)

Doesn’t this door just scream, ‘Welcome’?

colour trends

Image source (Bee SW 6683)

Colour Trend 2017

While I originally thought I was drawn to just one colour palette (Holistic), I have taken my time to view all of the colours and really investigate them.  While I know some of my clients that I have right now would not go for many of these colours, there are some colours that would be great for accent and decor items and possibly even a front door colour.  What is important to keep in mind is that not every colour will work in your home and with your fixed elements.  In addition, trends will come and go and these 4 colour trends will definitely go at some point in time.  That being said, if you’re ready to add some splash of colour, there are some great options!

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  1. on 27.03.2017
    at 11:04 AM

    Love the Holistic palette, but I am more and more drawn to Noir, even ventured into using it. In a right application, such as a bedroom or a library, with the appropriate contrast, it is amazing!

    • on 29.03.2017
      at 10:18 AM

      Hi Livia,

      Yes – the Noir palette, for me, is so rich! Thinking of using a darker colour for a home office project coming up!

  2. on 14.04.2017
    at 1:24 AM

    I think the color unbounded colors will be more popular as time goes on. The old vintage colors are fading out a bit. The new generation i think will be more colorful.

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