Completing a Basement Renovation Project

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It’s always a bit of a relief to see a completed project and this basement renovation is no different.  From the initial planning stages, to the construction phase, to the finished state, it’s very rewarding to see a space being transformed.

This particular basement renovation involved turning an unfinished space into every ounce of useable space.

The Plan

When I met with my clients it was evident that they had a list of needs that they wanted to see in their basement.  They were looking for the following:

  • a good sized laundry room (there are 5 people in this family)
  • a bathroom
  • a guest bedroom
  • a home office/craft area
  • a TV area
  • a storage area
  • a play area for the kids

Although the basement was a good size, almost 1/3 of the basement had a low ceiling which really came into play with the design of the basement.  In  the end, I came up with the following plan in conjunction with working with Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors (the General Contractor).Completing a Basement Renovation Project

By having one entrance into the laundry room and bathroom, it allowed the laundry room to feel more spacious.

Completing a Basement Renovation Project: Laundry Room & Bathroom

This is one of my favorite spaces in this basement.  It was decided that the ‘dead space’ that was on the plan could be one of two things: a sorting area for the laundry room or additional storage in the storage room.  Having 5 people in the family, it was a no-brainer to transform that space into a sorting dream!  There is plenty of room in the laundry room to sort and deal with clean laundry while the bathroom on the other side of the wall is spacious as well.  The flooring and wall colour add to this being my favorite space.

Completing a Basement Renovation Project

Completing a Basement Renovation Project: Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is the smallest space in the basement however, it is just that – a guest bedroom.  It is large enough for a queen size bed, a side table as well as a chest for clothes.

Completing a Basement Renovation Project

Completing a Basement Renovation Project: Office Area/Craft Area

This is my second favorite area for a couple of reasons.  First, the custom desk and hutch that Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors and myself made by hand (yes – by hand) turned out exactly as our client wanted it to.  Phew! Second, it is such a great, useable space!  There is room for this to be the home office and still space for the 3 kids to be able to do some homework or work on a craft.  The desks are not attached to the wall so when it’s Poker Night for the boys, it can easily be moved from the wall and become a place to play cards.

Completing a Basement Renovation Project

Completing a Basement Renovation Project: TV Area

This area screams rest and relax.  When we were first planning my clients wished for a gas fireplace.  In keeping with their budget, we looked at other options and opted for an electric fireplace instead.

Completing a Basement Renovation Project

Completing a Basement Renovation Project: Storage/Play Area

My clients knew all along that they wanted a sliding barn door to separate this area.  Ryan (Rocky Mountain Exteriors and Interiors) took this project on and created this door!  This area that has the low ceiling acts as a play area for the kids, there’s a table to do the ‘messy’ crafts, and the there is a great storage space.

Completing a Basement Renovation Project

It’s always a bit bittersweet to be done a project.  Although I’m ecstatic that the project is done and it looks fantastic, it’s also sad to be done working with my clients.  Bonds are formed and friendships are made.  On the bright side, I consider myself extremely lucky to have met such a wonderful family that I know I will keep in touch with for a long time.

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    Don’t forget to clean after you have finished with the renovation!

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