Don’t Just Sit There! Start Spring Cleaning and Organize Your Family Room

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When it comes to living rooms, great rooms, and/or family rooms, these rooms tend to be busy room.  You know, the spot where you kick back and relax.  The spot where you might possibly:

  • watch a little T.V.
  • open the mail.
  • read a magazine or book.
  • read the newspaper.
  • catch up on your kids paperwork for school.

What can quickly and easily happen is these rooms become the dumping ground for stuff.

Since my kids now go to bed long after I’ve gone to sleep, a morning routine for me is to clear the ‘stuff’ out of our family room (that is located straight across from our kitchen).  I am typically hanging up a jacket or two, taking dirty dishes into the kitchen and clearing the paper from where it doesn’t belong.  All the while saying, “I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids.”

When it comes to organizing and spring-cleaning a family room, this space is actually no different than other rooms however, there tends to be a bit more to do.


The vision I have for my family room (whoops – did I just say MY family room?  I really meant OUR family room 😉 ) is for it to be a place where we can kick back after a long day, watch T.V. and catch up on some reading.  Is this a ‘games room’?  No.  Is it a room where the kids do homework?  No.  Would we be doing any kind of crafts in this room?  Certainly not!  There are other places in our home for those kinds of things.  Knowing the vision I have, I know I need some ‘zones’.


I tend to use our family room to catch up on reading magazines and other various paper work.  Since we use this room for some reading, we need some good lighting.

Reading Light Image credit

 Love how the light below can be adjusted!

Reading Light

Image credit


As our winter months are cold (and seem to never end), I know I also need some kind of storage for throw blankets.  I always seem to be cold.  We just use a simple basket.   Love how this one is labeled!

 basket of blankets

Image credit

Additional Storage

We also have some additional storage in our TV stand (here’s a picture of what we have).

TV stand

Not a super, great shot of our T.V. stand, but it gives you an idea of what we have.


As you all know, I love a clean house but really hate cleaning it.  When it comes to spring-cleaning a family room, there is a lot to do (not going to lie here!).  Just what is there all to do?  More than just the regular dusting and vacuuming!

  • Washing window treatments
  • Washing windows
  • Washing of the walls and ceilings (if you can)
  • If you have carpets – steam clean
  • Wash shelving

I came across a great Living Room cleaning checklist

Living Room Cleaning Check List

Image credit

Now that all the work is done, feel free to sit down and enjoy!  Just think, you won’t have to do such a deep clean until next year!


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  1. on 14.04.2014
    at 3:15 AM

    Every family room should have some entertainment for the family. Mine has a pool table and it is awesome for family bonding!

    • on 14.04.2014
      at 7:23 AM

      Hi Andy,
      I grew up with a pool table so I agree. We actually have a ping pong table that my teens particularly love.
      Cheers to many days and nights of family bonding!

  2. on 16.04.2014
    at 6:23 AM

    The problem in my house is that any flat surface acts like a magnet for people to set down their “stuff”. It’s a constant battle to avoid collections of clutter on end tables, especially right after the kids come home from school. I can’t complain too loudly though because I have to make a conscious effort not to start mini-piles myself as I walk in the door holding bags, the mail, etc.

    • on 16.04.2014
      at 10:58 AM

      Hi Chris,
      I really hear what you are saying. It’s so easy just to set something down and the next thing you know, many things have been set down. You could try using (if you have space) a basket or baskets and bins to contain things. For example, if the kids come home and they have forms to fill out or papers for you to see, a small basket that they put things in might be a solution. Then, when you have time, you can take the basket and go through what has all been put in. Kind-of like an ‘inbox’.

  3. on 18.04.2014
    at 5:24 AM


    Family rooms are the most important part of our life. So, we should take care of them very carefully too. Don’t take them lightly. Clean your room on daily basis. I like white colored room image. Just fantastic!


    • on 18.04.2014
      at 8:25 AM

      Hi Diana,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! I couldn’t agree more. Family rooms should be taken care of – and not become a dumping ground 🙂

      I hope you have a great day!

  4. on 29.04.2014
    at 3:24 AM
  5. on 03.05.2014
    at 7:38 AM

    Thanks for sharing such a best blog post. Family rooms are everyone dream.

    • on 03.05.2014
      at 4:48 PM

      Thanks for popping by to leave your comment! 🙂

  6. on 22.05.2014
    at 6:23 PM

    I love the checklist. The problem we have is that our two year old is constantly making a mess of the living room and every other room. Even her big sister can’t keep up with her.

    • on 23.05.2014
      at 7:16 AM

      Hi Tom,

      I certainly remember those days of tidying up and being amazed at how a two year old can ‘untidy’ a room in ten seconds flat! Baskets and containers are great for corralling items so when guest come over, there is a place to put things. In addition, baskets and containers allow for only a certain number of items. That helps with over indulging with toys and items. When the basket and container are full, that doesn’t mean you get a bigger basket. 😉

  7. on 15.06.2014
    at 8:14 AM

    Wow this was an amazing read. Many thanks for your insights and well thought out points of clarification! you made some valuable points.thanks guys

    • on 16.06.2014
      at 8:52 AM

      Thank you! I hope you have a great day today. ~Sheri

  8. on 02.07.2014
    at 5:58 AM

    Love this post and the pictures you have shown, keep up the great work you do, love reading your blogs. I better start organizing my rooms now.

    Many Thanks again

    • on 05.07.2014
      at 11:22 AM

      Thank YOU for stopping by! Appreciate it 🙂

  9. on 14.08.2014
    at 4:28 AM

    Your home is awesome, super clean and looks really organized. This make me want to burn my home (just kidding). This inspires me to clean up my own home this weekend. Thank for very good article and inspirational article.

    • on 15.08.2014
      at 2:54 PM

      Glad we can be an inspiration for you!

  10. on 15.08.2014
    at 6:54 AM

    I have been reading most of your posts old and new ones and I really like all of them and Ideas about home decoration, organizing and everything. Thanks for amazing content and decoration ideas and yes cleaning home after spring is really a necessary part which I hates more than anything.

    • on 15.08.2014
      at 2:50 PM

      Thank you so much for your comments! I made it a goal for my company this year to have a weekly blog as opposed to a monthly blog. I enjoy coming up with themes for the month and then writing the blogs. Glad you like them! ~Sheri

  11. on 31.08.2014
    at 5:17 AM

    Wow amazing collection, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • on 02.09.2014
      at 7:40 AM

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great day. ~Sheri

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    at 7:09 AM

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    • on 23.10.2014
      at 8:26 AM

      Hi Robin,
      Thanks so much for your comments! I appreciate you stopping. ~Sheri

  13. on 13.11.2014
    at 6:09 AM

    I have already become your client . Following your blogs and thinking about how you get these marvelous ideas of keeping all things tidy and manageable. I am going to read all of your blogs and comment on them . I love the basket with the label.

    • on 14.11.2014
      at 9:14 AM

      Thanks so much! Glad I can help out in any way. ~Sheri

  14. on 16.03.2015
    at 11:21 PM

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  15. on 18.12.2015
    at 8:38 AM

    Great post. Is that TV stand oak?

    • on 18.12.2015
      at 3:45 PM

      Oh gosh. We bought it so many years ago I can’t remember. That being said, I’m pretty sure it’s Maple.

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    For This Awesome Post.
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  21. on 18.02.2017
    at 2:38 AM

    in my country there isn’t spring cleaning but there is cleaning after flooding lol

  22. on 18.02.2017
    at 12:31 PM

    Came across your website while looking for inspiration for our new blog – we want to provide our clients/readers with cleaning and home tips like this. Keep up the great work here!

  23. on 15.03.2017
    at 2:10 AM

    I loved the part where you said “Our Family Room” 🙂
    and you have stated very important points that one need to consider while organizing their room.

  24. on 18.04.2017
    at 8:50 AM

    Hope I can one day manage to keep the house tidy with my two toddler boys. Anyway, I have got some valueable spring clean tips today from yor article. Very nice article. Thanks.

  25. on 18.04.2017
    at 8:56 AM

    That living room cleaning checklist helped make things look doable (I don’t like doing the scrubbing) and have shared it with my colleagues at work since reading your post.

  26. on 18.04.2017
    at 9:04 AM

    That TV stand above look super dope. Like it alot. Will use similar it to add colour to my room

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