Entrance Organizing Tips

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I had a full house for last week’s webinar on Organizing the Entrance and found the hour went by so quickly!  I talked about the front entrance as well as the back entrance.  It doesn’t matter what entrance we’re talking about, If you create zones (just like in the kitchen) you will find your spaces are organized and efficient!  Here are the zones for the entrance that I talked about:


Every entrance needs an area for jackets and coats.  If closet space is tight, or you don’t have a closet in your entrance space, a simple solution would be to use your vertical space (wall space).  This is such an inexpensive way to get some much needed space.

using hooks on the wall for jackets

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entrance hooks

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Any entrance also needs a space for shoes and/or boots.  It’s obvious this family needs major shoe storage!

entrance shoe storage

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My girlfriend does this exact thing in her home (at the back door leading out to their pool).  Such a great way to spruce up a boring, plastic shoe mat!

place for shoes

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Love this image (it’s just not functional for my family).

organizing shoes and boots

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Did you notice I didn’t use the word ‘Miscellaneous’?  In my opinion, as soon as you use that word it becomes an area or spot where it can quickly become a free-for-all or a dumping ground!  The reason I use the word ‘other’ is because you may need a place for keys, hats, mitts, mail, etc.

This small floating shelf has a small bowl for keys and a little basket for mail.


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This super cute image really shows how baskets can be used of all of the ‘other’ things you and your family may need!

entrance baskets

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There are so many possibilities when it comes to using baskets to contain your ‘other’ items for an entrance. This space really uses the vertical space!

entrance with baskets

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As I’ve mentioned this many times in my webinar series, please, please, please remember:

PRETTY does not mean organized

I’m looking forward to next week as we tackle the bedrooms….Hubba, hubba!
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  1. on 23.03.2015
    at 5:45 AM

    Fantastic blog post! We’ll definitely consider using some of these techniques to brighten up our stores throughout Ireland – thanks again!

    • on 26.03.2015
      at 11:59 AM

      You are so welcome! ~Sheri

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