Home Refresh Project: Getting a Plan Put Together

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This past week I was delighted to be referred to a new client.  When I received the phone call, the lovely lady on the other end was in a bit of a quandary. You see, she already had a designer in her home to help her chose a new cabinet colour.  The result?  A hot mess!

Home refresh project

The colour that was chosen was WAY too yellow, too creamy and gave this kitchen a clean/dirty look. 

Since there was more than just discussing cabinet colours, I suggested this lovely lady book a Design Work Session with me.  What exactly did we accomplish in two hours?

Design Work Session

I love providing these 2 hour work sessions.  My Design Work Sessions are great for individuals who:

  • have a lot of little questions for all of their spaces in their home.
  • have never worked with an Interior Designer before and really don’t want to commit to a full package.
  • just need some help here, there, and everywhere and wish to make confident decisions.

Prior to me arriving, I always suggest for the client to make up a list of questions that they have.  There are no boundaries in the type of design questions you can ask, however they do need to be design related (and yes, I actually have to write that)!

What We Covered

Armed with my paper and pen, we started on the main floor and then worked our way through every room on all three levels.  Here is what was all accomplished in two hours:

  1. A new, fantastic paint colour for her cabinets (to be repainted).  By using my large paint sample boards, it was clear that we were going for a more updated look as opposed to what is currently on her cabinets.
  2. A new dining room light (the actual one chosen including the price and where to purchase).
  3. A new living room light (the actual one chosen including the price and where to purchase).
  4. New kitchen track lights (the actual ones chosen including the price and where to purchase).
  5. New powder room wall colour.
  6. Measured for new laminate and/or quartz counters for the kitchen and all bathrooms (choice to be made once the quotes come in).
  7. New colour chosen for all of the  bathroom vanities.
  8. We also discussed the ‘if this then’ scenarios.  For example, if you are getting new counters, will you be getting a new sink and faucet too?  For this particular client, she has already purchased the sinks and faucets so she is one step ahead of me!

Moving Forward

I gave my client a list (which I call homework) to get the ball rolling for her refresh project.

  1. Getting a quote to re-paint her cabinets is number one on the list.  There can be no counters installed until the cabinets have been repainted.  I suggested my painter as whoever did her work clearly did not spray and quite honestly, the job was not done to what I would call my standard.
  2. Once the cabinets are re-painted, we can then meet again to choose a great counter that will fit my client’s budget and one that she is comfortable with.

Home Refresh Project: The Result

I received a great big hug when our time was up.  My client felt very comfortable with the choices we made together and was relieved to know she has a plan to move forward.  She will not be second guessing herself when she shops because we have done the shopping together already.  She has the exact lights to purchase and she has the exact cabinet colour. I’m looking forward to helping her once her cabinets are re-painted to finish up with her refresh project.

Starting a Refresh project or considering a home renovation project?  Contact me today to discuss how I can help you make confidence decisions! 

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