How To Handle A Bathroom Spring Clean and Organizing Project With Ease Using These Tips

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When it comes to organizing and spring-cleaning a bathroom, I have to admit, this is the area that I personally dread the most.  When I was pregnant with my second child all I had to do was walk into a bathroom and my stomach would turn!  Sixteen years later I still dread cleaning and organizing the bathroom.  Oh boy, hold my breath and here I go.

Underneath the sink

If you have a cupboard underneath the sink, now is a great time to empty out, sort and purge.  Sort the medicine from the hair products from the…whatever else you have under there!  Make sure to pay attention to the expiry dates as well as the directions on disposing of the items.  Some items may require special care and attention to dispose of.  Also, pay close attention to how many extra items you have.  Be conscious of what you have and how many items you have ( that means stop shopping for items you have multiples of). Give this cupboard a good wipe out (and feel free to vacuum out if need be).

Not Just For The Kitchen

A great way to help with the organizing parts of your bathroom is to use a Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan Image credit lazy susanImage credit 

lazy susan

 Image credit


Towels and bed sheets can add up over the years.  This is a great time to go through and purge what you use and what you don’t.  Our local pet shelter (The Calgary Humane Society) will take used towels and bedding (no fitted sheets).    Whether you fold or roll your towels, only keep the ones you need and the ones you use.

Fold and roll towel rack Image credit

 How to Fold A Fitted Sheet Like A Pro

Great how-to video on how to fold a fitted sheet like a pro!

How to fold a fitted sheet

Image credit

How To Store Bed Sheets

Storing fitted flat sheets

Image credit

Use baskets

Baskets are a great way to containerize.  And by containerize, I mean keep what fits in the container and get rid of the excess!  When you have a container, there is only so much you can put in.  That’s one of the purposes of using a basket.  The other is to control the amount you have.  When the basket is full, the basket is full.  Using baskets also allow your bathroom to look neat and tidy!

Pretty Decorative Baskets

 pretty baskets

Image credit

 pretty baskets bathroom

Image credit

Simple, Inexpensive Baskets

simple basket

Image credit

 bathroom baskets

 Image credit

bathroom baskets

 Image credit

Cleaning Checklists

I came across a couple of great checklist for spring cleaning your bathroom that pretty much covers everything.

 spring cleaninig checklistImage credit

bathroom checklist

Image credit

The good news, a good bathroom spring clean/organize shouldn’t take too long.  The GREAT news?  Once it’s done, you’re going to love it! You’ll be able to draw yourself a bath, relax, and enjoy all your hard work!  I know I’d spend the day in this one!

dream bathtub Image credit

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  1. on 12.03.2014
    at 5:06 PM

    Nice Article!

    Your bathroom mirror and cabinet get used on such a frequency and yet they never get the attention a kitchen cabinet gets. The net result is cabinet shelves get a thin layer of talk or dust and mirrors get a sort of clean but it is never perfect.

    • on 17.03.2014
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      I agree! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I hope you have a great day.

  2. on 25.04.2014
    at 7:46 AM

    thanxs for your article How To Handle A Bathroom Spring Clean and Organizing Project With Ease Using These Tips. Nice Article…Your bathroom mirror and cabinet get used on such a frequency and yet they never get the attention a kitchen cabinet gets.

    • on 25.04.2014
      at 8:51 AM

      Thank you for stopping by! A good bathroom scrub (including mirrors and cabinets) is definitely a must! 🙂

  3. on 18.09.2014
    at 1:03 AM

    I wish I have those vertical closets to save space on the floor and keep our things organized. Those baskets are really good ideas. I’ve saved this on my pocket. Thanks for sharing.

    • on 18.09.2014
      at 8:17 PM

      Hi Florentino,
      Thanks so much for your comments Glad we can help! ~Sheri

  4. on 13.11.2014
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    i like the video i am not good at these things but i think by reading and following you will make me a good organizer, Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas.

    • on 14.11.2014
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      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! Good luck with all of your organizing efforts! ~Sheri

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    Good article. Thanks for sharing all the bathroom spring cleaning tips and ideas. A bathroom is that one small room where you can actually have a relax time if it is properly organised.

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