How to sell your home for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

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Sell your homeYou may think that this statement is an advertisement from a Realtor to get his or her phone to ring… but there are four ways to shorten your days on market and sell for top dollar.

Plan ahead

Repair and maintain the exterior of your home and property when the weather allows.  Fence repair, yard work, exterior painting and over all maintenance of the exterior is a must.  Curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers see when they drive by your home.

De- clutter, organize & depersonalize

The interior of your home can be done year round, as it can be a lot of work to be done in a short period of time.  If you know you are going to sell, why not get a head start on it?

Repair, maintain and deep clean

This should be an on-going process when you own a home.  We all know that repairs take time and typically money.  Get the little things looked after!  When you are done you can say to yourself, “ Why didn’t we do this years ago ?“  Remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression !

Price your home to sell

When you sit down with your Realtor of choice, examine the best comparable homes recently SOLD and learn from sale of these properties as to the correct pricing range for your home in the current market conditions and create the atmosphere “ I better buy it before someone else does!”

With a little time, effort, dollars and knowledge you can be on your way to selling for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

Guest post written by Greg Squire.  You can contact Greg via email or visit his website for more information!

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  1. on 06.03.2014
    at 12:18 PM

    Thanks for the tips! Selling a house will not be a problem especially if the house is on its best. 🙂

    • on 07.03.2014
      at 11:44 PM

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. All the best!

  2. on 26.03.2014
    at 11:15 PM

    This is indeed helpful to people who are planning to sell their homes. Thanks for sharing!

    • on 27.03.2014
      at 8:55 AM

      Thanks Cay Real Estate! I hope you have a wonderful day today.

      • on 15.04.2016
        at 5:31 PM

        Hi gitcalgary,
        Nice article and very nice conversion with visitors. I appreciate it. Thanks for the tips! Selling a house will not be a problem especially if the house is on its best. Thanks to sharing.

        • on 16.04.2016
          at 8:21 AM

          You are so welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Donald Quixote
    on 09.04.2014
    at 4:33 PM

    Getting your house nice and clean is key. When we bought our house we looked at loads of different houses and the cleaner they were the more they stood out to us. In fact, the previous owner had ended up putting a bunch of money getting it ready so that people would be more likely to buy.

    • on 11.04.2014
      at 9:47 AM

      Donald, I couldn’t agree more. Nothing says ‘pride of ownership’ like a clean home. If you can’t see past the filth and grime, it’s hard to see the home!

  4. on 28.05.2014
    at 6:06 AM

    thanks for this nice article, this is very helpful to me planning to sell my homes.

  5. on 09.06.2014
    at 10:27 PM

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  6. on 15.06.2014
    at 9:58 PM

    Since you mentioned the repair, deep clean part, are home sellers supposed to include the maintenance expenses into the selling price? Some homes are easier to negotiate if the condition is as is, right (defects included)?

    • on 16.06.2014
      at 8:56 AM

      Hi Robbie,
      That all depends. Potential buyers usually try to knock down the price if they know there are things to fix. In addition, they may try knock down the price even more than the actual cost of getting the work done. It really does depend on what needs to be fixed. For example, in a home where I did a consultation, all of the windows needed to be replaced. The homeowners knew that and they decided, based on their timeline, that they were going to adjust their price to reflect that. In the end, they sold their home, they didn’t have to go through the process of getting all new windows, the mess, etc. For them, it was worth it.

  7. on 01.08.2014
    at 8:40 AM

    Very usefull tips for selling the home in 21 days. Thanks for sharing. this post.

    • on 02.08.2014
      at 8:13 AM

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  8. on 06.08.2014
    at 1:38 PM

    Thanks for sharing the tips! These would definitely help me a lot to sell my old home. 🙂

  9. on 03.09.2014
    at 4:42 PM

    Great post with helpful tips for home sellers. Clutter is a big problem for most people.

    • on 06.09.2014
      at 7:34 AM

      Thanks for the compliment. I agree, clutter is typically the first thing we address. ~Sheri

  10. on 30.09.2014
    at 11:27 AM

    fantastic tips, me as a real estate broker confirm that this tips is real necessary to materialize, to sell your home faster….Great Post !!!

  11. on 30.09.2014
    at 11:41 AM

    Increase the value of your home small repairs can make the difference in the eyes of the potencial buyer, small invest can valorize your home 20 to 30%, Great post !!

  12. on 01.10.2014
    at 3:40 PM

    Pricing to sell seems the most important thing here on the West Coast.
    But I have to say that I hate the “depersonalization” that you often have to do. I would feel like a traitor to my own tastes.

    • on 02.10.2014
      at 10:05 PM

      Hi Jony,
      Depersonalizing certainly can make a home feel less ‘homey. It does however, allow potential buyers to envision their things.

  13. on 20.12.2014
    at 9:29 PM

    This source of info very effective for me.I have spent my valuable time on the site,but i have been lot of benefited to visited this site.So I can suggest every home buyers for visiting this wonderful website.May they will be helpful to sell house top dollar?
    Thanks to gitcalgary for super written.

    • on 21.12.2014
      at 8:10 PM

      Wow – thanks Jon. I hope you’ve have a great day! ~Sheri

  14. on 05.01.2015
    at 4:40 AM

    Very useful post both for Home Sellers and Real Estage Agents, many thanks for sharing

  15. on 28.01.2015
    at 7:57 AM

    good ideas! thanks for the great sharing with us and its really help full way!

  16. on 10.02.2015
    at 12:31 PM

    Great post – very simple points that are easily overlooked.

  17. on 23.03.2015
    at 4:39 PM

    Thanks for sharing your secrets with us excellent post indeed!!! .A big thanks to your for sharing such a great post with us .It is really very helpful all of us .I am expecting lot more article like this .It is such a wonderful article to read.

  18. on 24.03.2015
    at 11:58 AM


    It is really wonderful to read your ideas through this post great and helpful post. It is highly recommendable post .Thanks for sharing your post with us.

    • on 26.03.2015
      at 12:03 PM

      Thanks Carol! ~Sheri

  19. on 12.04.2015
    at 12:39 AM

    Just wanted to add to what Jony said. Depersonalization doesnt only mean taking down your personal photos, trinkets, and decorations, but it can also mean painting the interior a neutral color as well (and carpet sometimes too). Surprised that interior paint was not mentioned, but that is often one of the best ROI’s on getting a house ready to sell, along with recarpeting. Making the home smell nice is always a plus in my book.

    • on 13.04.2015
      at 7:40 AM

      Hi Jake. I totally agree with your comments. This was a guest post from a real estate agent that I work with. Changing the interior paint is something I often suggest but can sometimes open a whole can of worms. Often, the interior colour of a home does not go with its foundation palette. For example, if the foundation palette is cream, I often find that homeowners have painted their wall colour that would go better with a foundation palette of white. That then leads to discussing painting all of the trim and then the walls. It can be tricky when dealing with carpet. Especially with carpet that is beige as most carpets that I see are a pink-beige which then limits to paint colours to being ones that have a pink-beige undertone. The same holds true for floor tile. Most beige floor tiles I see are either have a pink-beige undertone or a yellow-beige undertone. I’ve dealt with many homeowners who have gone ahead and had granite installed in their home, hoping it will update a kitchen, when in fact they have chosen the wrong granite (not fitting with their home’s foundation palette). I sometimes feel like a little detective trying to figure out the best path forward when getting a home ready to sell – especially if there is a mixture of things going on and not a clear path (decorative wise). I hope this all makes sense! ~Sheri

  20. on 03.05.2015
    at 8:10 PM

    some very useful pointers there, thankyou, another way to sell your house is some good landscaping. Landscaping is kind of the forgotten factor that will also help to sell a house and also improve the resale value

    • on 08.05.2015
      at 7:44 AM

      Hi Phil. Yes, I agree. Landscaping is so important. If you can’t get a potential buyer into the house because of poor curb appeal, you’ll never have them buy your home! ~Sheri

  21. on 27.05.2015
    at 12:07 AM

    It is the precious way to sell the house easily. I would like to use these steps to see the results.

  22. on 27.05.2015
    at 3:17 AM

    I run a nice Real Estate company in Qatar and i can tell you guys that this is useful post both for Property sellers and Real Estate Agents, many thanks for sharing. I hope one day I can contribute also with articles like this one.

    • on 28.05.2015
      at 6:33 AM

      Thanks for leaving such a nice comment. ~Sheri

  23. on 03.06.2015
    at 1:06 AM

    Excellent tips! We just have to always remember that it will always be easier to sell a home if it is on its best, both the exterior and interior parts. Try to also focus on the little details, cause sometimes, they can be the reasons for buyers to say “no” to your home.

    Such a great read. Thanks for sharing.

    • on 03.06.2015
      at 7:28 AM

      It’s funny how little things can make such a HUGE impact and how potential buyers can not see past the little things. Worth every effort in getting your home ready to sell. I just had a client sell their home within 48 hours! They did a lot of work to prepare it and did it ever pay off. ~Sheri

  24. on 11.06.2015
    at 6:31 PM

    Thanks for the tips, I’m looking to sell my home this summer and am looking for as many tips as possible. I’ve bookmarked this page and will be coming back, thanks!

    • on 14.06.2015
      at 7:41 PM

      You are so welcome John! ~Sher

  25. on 12.06.2015
    at 4:17 AM

    Great post! It’s amazing how many people don’t follow simple rules like these and miss out on profits.

  26. on 17.06.2015
    at 10:57 AM

    Thank you very much for your great sharing. I truly agreed with all your points, especially the last point “Price your home to sell”. Usually owners like to “Price their home to negotiate” when they first listed their property and at the end good buyer and times are wasted because cannot trigger buyer interest. “Price your home to sell” is truly important during buyers market.

    • on 18.06.2015
      at 9:33 AM

      All of the real estate agents I work totally agree. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. ~Sheri

  27. on 25.06.2015
    at 6:13 AM

    Hello Sheri,

    A short and sweet article describing some methods to help you sell your home.
    One of the most important ones to keep in mind according to me is that the price of the home should be fixed really well. This is the deciding factor for selling your home.
    Many people would just refuse to even look at your home if you are pricing it too high and you will not earn a decent amount if you price it too low.

    Thank you for the article.

    • on 29.06.2015
      at 6:52 AM

      I agree Rob. It’s really important to work with your real estate agent and trust them with their numbers and their years of experience. An overpriced home will sit on the market – no matter how nice, clean and pretty it is – for months.

  28. on 26.06.2015
    at 11:48 PM

    very nice information you share.These are so nice to sell home in less days…

  29. on 12.07.2015
    at 3:17 PM

    Great tips! A deep clean is very important and is often something people forget. Its important to ensure that your house looks perfect as any blemish could send a potential buyer running to the door.

    • on 13.07.2015
      at 7:17 AM

      Thanks John! ~Sheri

  30. on 23.07.2015
    at 8:13 PM

    Some very good tips in selling real estate. We deal in San Francisco luxury real estate, and it’s imperative to price the property to sell as you mention, especially during a buyers market.

  31. on 28.07.2015
    at 9:56 AM

    Great Post. Will be starting up a business on this very soon.

    • on 30.07.2015
      at 8:50 AM

      All the best to you. ~Sheri

  32. on 02.08.2015
    at 12:40 AM

    Sheri, I’d like to add to that list to not be afraid to hire a professional to clean or touch up the house. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but pros with the right tools can make a huge difference in making your house stand out to a prospective buyer.

    • on 04.08.2015
      at 6:52 AM

      Oh yes – I don’t believe a home can be too clean when trying to sell! ~Sheri

  33. on 28.08.2015
    at 5:38 AM

    This post has it all, I wish everyone can read this before selling his/her home. Thanks.

    • on 29.08.2015
      at 4:35 PM

      Thank you for the nice comment! ~Sheri

  34. on 13.09.2015
    at 4:52 AM

    Yeah great tips, agree with your all the points. There’s also one option is available that is hire a professional relator. The professional realtor can sell home in short with high price. To hire a professional realtor to sell or buy a home is a positive sign.

    • on 14.09.2015
      at 2:22 PM

      Agreed! The real estate professionals I work with really work hard to get the best value for any home they are listing! They have access to resources that the average ‘Joe’ doesn’t. Worth every penny! ~Sheri

  35. on 22.09.2015
    at 2:24 AM

    Thanks for sharing this very helpful tips. We have some Properties for Sale in Dubai and this is very useful.

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    at 5:16 AM

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  41. on 24.10.2015
    at 2:33 AM

    Having your house sit on the market for months is no fun so thanks for sharing these tips. Home owners who are thinking about their house should seriously consider and implement these tips if they want to sell their home fast!

  42. on 19.11.2015
    at 4:13 AM

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

    • on 19.11.2015
      at 8:50 AM

      You are welcome.

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  44. on 16.12.2015
    at 1:51 PM

    Great post, like everything in life, its all about organization! Being organized and planning ahead will absolutely sell your house faster than you could have imagined. Thanks!

  45. on 02.01.2016
    at 6:54 PM

    What if I decide to go through Craigslist or some leading agent?

    • on 02.01.2016
      at 7:32 PM

      Are you talking about buying a home through Craigslist or selling?

  46. on 15.01.2016
    at 7:44 PM

    The key take-away for me after reading this blog is “planning ahead”. Getting bits and bobs done and dusted early could increase the prospects of you fetching a good price on your house. Unconfirmed reports indicate that just by properly cleaning your house and making it look decent can greatly increase the value of your house. It is all about the impression you create because many buyers normally buy a house depending on their gut instincts and how they first react to the house.

  47. on 04.02.2016
    at 3:25 AM

    Hi Sherri

    Your short article describe a great tips to acquire a good amount of money from selling our home. I like the tips of repairing and maintaining home and keep it clean because as per my thinking if our house is well decorated or in well condition so buyer must be attracted and gives the price whatever we want, Many people are making mistake on this like they want to sell their home but there are many problems in home which restrain buyers to get you your desirable prices. Little bit maintenance would gets us an extra bucks. Great Post. Thanks for sharing it.

    • on 05.02.2016
      at 10:29 AM

      Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments. Yes – as soon as a potential buyer sees issues, they start calculating the cost to fix which in tern, reflects the bid they MAY make. Some potential buyers will pass over property as there may be too many issues they wish to tackle. Move-in ready is very attractive to most buyers!

  48. on 08.02.2016
    at 6:11 AM

    What I understood is that only buying a house is not the job of a realtor but doing proper upkeep of the building is more essential and important aspect as it can give high revenue or good value for your particular home.

  49. on 18.03.2016
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  51. on 20.03.2016
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    I’m actually planning to sell my house. So yep, I’m gonna do all these.

    • on 21.03.2016
      at 8:51 AM

      All the best with your upcoming sale!

  52. on 20.03.2016
    at 5:03 PM

    Fantasic post. enjoyed rwading

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    It’s Great Article… keep it up.

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    It’s Great Article… i am waiting for your next article.. thank u.

  55. on 01.04.2016
    at 4:43 AM

    Hey SHERI..!!!
    Indeed a great share.
    It cam be really messy, when it takes long time to sell a property.
    Useful tips.
    Cheers buddy..!!! 🙂

    • on 01.04.2016
      at 2:39 PM

      Thanks Gloria!

  56. on 13.04.2016
    at 12:29 AM

    The last item really is most of the times overlooked. Many owners tend to sell the property for a cost that would give them of course the most value. But then, overpriced homes compared to those being sold in the current market will take a long time to sell. Always open your eyes for the competition as well. A higher price would be showcasing more home improvement upgrades, if that’s what you want.

  57. on 18.04.2016
    at 2:47 AM

    As someone looking to start his own property agency you don’t know how many “poor” listings I see on popular sites of houses that would now attract even the most desperate buyer because they don’t prepare for the sale by demonstrating the house in its best possible condition.
    Many of the listings are guilty of all 4 mentioned tips to consider for instance, pictures of a wall with cracks or poor paint job would be displayed instead of taking the time to cover up those little faults.

  58. on 20.04.2016
    at 11:46 AM

    Hey SHERI..!!!
    The article is Very nicely written!!Tips are very beneficial!!
    If the property takes lot of time to sell then it cam be very frustrating at times.
    Cheers buddy..!!

  59. on 21.04.2016
    at 12:52 AM

    yeah that’s very useful tips for house seller and also for real estate agents. thanks for this wonderful tips

  60. on 22.04.2016
    at 9:59 AM

    Thank you for the tips. I shared this one with my wife. I think she’s a clutter bug and I’m trying to explain that it will hurt our resale value. But I think it comes down to we have different definitions of what’s clutter. Maybe she will see the like with this article. Thanks. marylandfence

    • on 22.04.2016
      at 5:45 PM

      You are so welcome! Best of luck to you.

  61. on 27.04.2016
    at 2:10 AM

    Hey sheri..!!!
    I have been reading your blog from past few days. Indeed you are an awesome blogger. I really enjoyed reading this one and felt like commenting over here. You have elaborated really good tips over here.

    I am also a real estate investor and the point in always take care of is “repair, maintain and deep clean”.I guess this most important one of all the above mentioned. Clients are always cautious about the “MAINTENANCE” factor.
    Great post buddy.
    Cheers..!!!! 🙂

    • on 29.04.2016
      at 8:00 AM

      Hi Herman,
      I think people forget that when you own a home, maintenance is part of the package – unlike living in a condo where that is looked after for you. I’m not sure what people should budget for maintenance, per year, but they should be setting money aside to ensure that everything is kept up to date and well maintained. Sometimes maintenance just involves time (like cutting the grass) while most times it involves some kind of financial commitment.

  62. on 04.05.2016
    at 5:22 AM

    Great Article , thanks for the wonderful tips .
    Buying and selling house is such a crucial topic. These types of blogs are really helpful to understand the basic things of real estate market.

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    • on 06.05.2016
      at 3:23 PM

      Thank you Daniel!

  64. on 06.05.2016
    at 1:43 PM

    Great tips on helping homeowners sell faster. I think I’m going to print it out and bring it with me on listing appointments to give to owners since they don’t seem to understand how important a de-cluttered house is when selling.

    • on 06.05.2016
      at 3:21 PM

      Glad you found it useful Christian!

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    at 2:54 AM

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    Hey Sheri,

    Fascinating. Definitely bookmarking this page. Really valuable info, thanks for posting.

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    Great tips. We buy houses in Austin so can attest to this being a very good article. If you are looking to sell your house fast here is another good reference

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    Really a short as well as informative.I enjoyed a lot reading your blog.

  71. on 03.09.2016
    at 6:02 PM

    A lot of people overlook some simple things like you’ve listed in this article. They’re all important.

    Of course, when it comes to pricing the house to sell, that can be tricky. After all, owners need to get a certain amount out of the sale, especially when all the different fees start getting figured in.

    Pricing it to sell can also depend heavily on the current market. Right now, the real estate market in much of the United States is a seller’s market. In a year or two that could change, and thusly affect the price of homes.

    To get a good idea of what the market is in your area, ask a Realtor about their inventory vs the 15 year average. If it’s way less, that’s a good indicator you can command more money for a home.

    • on 06.09.2016
      at 8:50 AM

      Great advice!

  72. on 16.09.2016
    at 2:59 AM

    What do you do when the property just won’t sell? I’ve renovated it, I’ve remodelled still nothing. Some markets just stink. what do you suggest I do when it comes to this.

    • on 16.09.2016
      at 1:40 PM

      Is your vacant (meaning no furniture) or is there furniture already in it? This is a very loaded question as there are so many areas to look at. First and foremost, in my opinion, is how does the property look on line? The listing: are the images clear and does the property portray clean and tidy? Most property buyers will take to the internet long before driving to see a property. Once you evaluate your on-line presence, then take a look at the actual property. What is the curb appeal like as potential buyers may do a ‘drive-by’ to scope out the property before making an appointment to view it. Third, what first impression does the property give the minute the door is open? Sometimes it’s great to have a friend do this evaluation for you or a professional. But you have to know, by having someone come in, with no attachments, you may not like their report they give. But trust me – take their advice! Sometimes when we’ve lived in a home or have invested in a property, it’s hard to see outside what we are used to. I hope this helps.

  73. on 16.09.2016
    at 7:17 AM

    Properties are hard to maintain and that pain one feels to get things done and send the house cant be explained. Value of money keeps increasing and so does the service offered.

    Pricing to sell it heavily depends on the market rates. At present, the real estate market in much of buyer’s market.

    Thank you for the post.

  74. on 25.09.2016
    at 1:43 PM

    I believe that if you do your best to retain quality of your house (your investment), you should be able to sell it for higher.

    Most people use their home, well, as a home (tear and wear will take effect).

    Remember, long term investors (the wealthy) think about decades to decades and even 30 years ahead; while middle class think year to years. Think long term and you will be rarely surprised.

  75. on 19.10.2016
    at 2:47 PM

    I know this comment might seem biased but consider hiring a home inspector for a pre-sale inspection. Choose a local inspector and sit down a talk with him/her about your intentions. Make sure it is someone you can talk with and not a kid that works for a multi-inspector firm. I advice my clients on many issues concerning the property. Remember, the buyer is going to hire an inspector and work for them. This will allow you to see some of the issues an untrained eye will not. There are inspectors out there that love their jobs and will be happy to help. If an inspector finds a major defect concerning your property, you have time to make the necessary repair to that issue. If you wait, the buyer will request that repair be done either quickly or negotiated in the price. These types of problems take time to resolve or more money negotiated than the cost to fix. Every property and every buyer are different. For a relatively small percent of the sale price of a home, its worth the cost. For example, on a $250k home, an average inspection is $350 (that’s average I know different markets fluctuate). That math works out to be .14%….. that’s 14 hundredths of a percent of the homes value. You are paying the realtors $15,000 on that sale at 6%. I am not saying the realtors are not worth 6%… what I am saying is the value of getting a professional in your home prior to the sale is a small cost of purchase price with possible huge rewards in value. Happy House Selling! Visit my site if I can help

    • on 21.10.2016
      at 7:54 AM

      Great point Rob.

  76. on 23.10.2016
    at 2:37 PM

    This is great information for a seller to know. All the things you do to get your homes ready to sell will help. Make sure the home is clean and ready for viewing to see the home. Remember your first showing is usually online. Make sure you hire a real estate brokerage that will take great photos and price your right!

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    Nice article! This is great information for a seller to know. All the things you do to get your homes ready to sell will help. Make sure the home is clean and ready for viewing to see the home. Thanks for the shearing…

  80. on 16.01.2017
    at 2:03 AM

    Landscaping, one aspect of home staging is a proven way to sell a house fast. You want to create a good first impression. That’s the best way to do it.

  81. on 17.01.2017
    at 9:22 PM

    De- clutter, organize & depersonalize: This is huge. I am a Real estate agent and so many people do not think this is important! Very good article with useful information. Keep it up!

    • on 20.01.2017
      at 10:07 AM

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