Knowing These 5 Staging Secrets Will Make Your Kitchen Look Amazing

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The kitchen tends to be the heart of a home.  It also tends to be a place where potential buyers will spend the most time.  Whether you are thinking of selling, are in the process of selling, or in need of some ideas to get  your kitchen in tip-top shape, here are five little secrets that are going to ensure your kitchen looks amazing!

Secret #1  CLEAN

We have this discussion in our house a lot.  My version of clean is definitely not the same version of clean as the rest of my family!  When it comes to getting your kitchen in tip-top shape, a deep clean is essential!  And by deep clean, I mean:

  • Scrub the backsplash.
  • Scrub under the countertops and cupboards.
  • Pull out the fridge and stove and vacuum and mop the floors.
  • Wash above the cupboards and above the refrigerator.
  • Wash out the drawers (you may need to vacuum out first).
  • Scrub out your sink.
  • Wash the outside of the appliances (and the insides too).
  • Get every nook and cranny!

This clean is above and beyond the normal weekly clean you may already do.  The good thing?  Once you do a really good deep clean, then maintaining it should be easy!

Kitchen Sink

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As much as we’d love to think potential buyers won’t go through drawers, of course they are going to go through the drawers.  They want to see what kind of room there is!  If you have jam-packed cupboards the impression you are giving is that there is not enough cupboard space.  If your drawers are filled to the brim, potential buyers may have difficulty opening them and get turned off.  Your cupboards and your drawers are an indication of how you live, day-to-day, in your home.  It reflects the pride of ownership.  Take the time to go through each cupboard and drawer to evaluate what you use and what you don’t.  If you don’t use it, it’s time to get rid of it.

cupboard drawer Image credit


kitchen cupboard

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As many potential buyers will linger in the kitchen, it is important to ensure any flat surface in a kitchen is clear of clutter.  That doesn’t mean that the counter tops need to be empty.  What it means is that there shouldn’t be any loose papers laying around.  I typically give a little ‘rule of thumb’ to my clients I work with.

“For every flat surface, you can have 1 medium to large item or 2 smaller items (if there is plenty of room).”  ~ Sheri Bruneau

 The clearer your countertops are, the larger the workspace will appear to the potential buyer.  That’s a good thing!

kitchen counters

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 kitchen counters

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Scents are so tricky!  What may smell fresh and clean to you could be very offensive to others.  Smells also triggers memory, which in turn can trigger emotion.  If you have given your kitchen a good clean, you have started the path to create a more neutral smell.  Citrus scents are nice and refreshing and tend to be neutral.

I came across this great article: 7 Effective Ways to Eliminate and Neutralize Unpleasant Odors Before Your Open House  

neutral smell

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A cold kitchen (and I don’t mean temperature cold) will cause potential buyers to want to leave.  There are many inexpensive ways to add warmth.  Adding seat cushions to the chairs is one way. Finding some great spring dish towels will bring a pop of color!  Don’t forget a little bit of spring flowers too!

spring flowers

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 spring flowers1

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decorating with flowers

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When it comes to the kitchen, it’s important to spend the time getting this area ready.    Have the potential buyer thinking they could eat off your floors!

Sheri Bruneau

Wanting to ‘Refresh’ your kitchen or need it to shine for a showing!  Become a client today.

Online or in person!  

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  1. on 24.04.2014
    at 12:54 PM

    nice article

    I like the first secret “Secret # 1 CLEAN” by cleaning kitchen equipment will give the impression of a beautiful and neat and provide comfort to the people who see it

    thanks for share

    • on 24.04.2014
      at 4:38 PM

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment! Of course, I agree with you 😉 I always go by my little rule, “Improving areas will give potential buyers less ammunition for knocking down the price.”


  2. on 23.05.2014
    at 8:49 AM

    Thanks for the 5 easy tips! It’s amazing how doing things like scrubbing the backsplash and adding a refreshing sent can change the feel of a space. It feels like I just spring cleaned my kitchen!

    • on 23.05.2014
      at 2:17 PM

      Hi Jill,
      SO glad to hear that! I often get a little giddy when I do a room – like the kitchen. It just makes me want to say, “Ahhhh”.

      Thanks for leaving your comment! I truly appreciate it.

  3. on 18.06.2014
    at 12:44 PM

    Kitchen is heart of home! Like our heart having a beautiful n hygienic kitchen brings more happiness into our life 🙂

    • on 22.06.2014
      at 2:11 PM

      The kitchen certainly becomes the ‘meeting place’ when entertaining. We totally agree with a clean kitchen too. Hope you’re having a great day today.


  4. on 06.05.2015
    at 8:23 AM

    Provider of cleaning equipment,dispensers and chemicals to use all around the house…for home and corporate use.

  5. on 21.07.2015
    at 7:02 PM

    Thanks for sharing these simple and practical tips. Keeping kitchen and other parts of your home is indeed important for a number of health reasons and one of them is keep it away from becoming magnets of bacteria that would contaminate the food we prepare.

    Nice read!

    • on 22.07.2015
      at 3:29 PM

      Thank you. Glad you like it! ~Sheri

  6. on 15.10.2015
    at 10:02 AM

    The kitchen is a place where we spend an important part of the day, taking meals.It’s really important to be clean, in order to avoid bringing dirt over food. Thanks for the advice!

  7. on 28.10.2015
    at 2:32 AM

    Thanks for the tips though. Will keep them in mind during my next sale. Hopefully it will let me earn a bit more though haha. Keep posting such great stuff

  8. on 11.02.2016
    at 5:12 AM


    Loved the idea of “ADDING WARMTH” to the kitchen.This can make our kitchen more colourful adding life to it.

    And i guess heart should be always lively and cheerful. 🙂 Going to buy some fresh Muscari and Tulips right now.

    Thumbs up…!!!

    • on 11.02.2016
      at 6:12 AM

      Adding warmth with decor is most likely the cheapest way to do that in your home (in any space). Oooohhhh…Love tulips too. Good choice!

  9. on 24.02.2016
    at 12:05 AM

    Thanks for the lovely and useful tips.
    Cleaning the house is a chore that often slips to the bottom of the to-do list, after cooking, going to work and caring for children. Cleaning your cooking surfaces regularly and properly reduces the risk of getting sick after eating contaminated food. This includes counter tops and cooking utensils.

  10. on 10.03.2016
    at 7:37 AM

    Thanks for the 5 easy tips, Sheri ! It’s amazing how doing things like scrubbing the back splash and adding a refreshing scent can change the feel of a room. It feels like I just spring cleaned my apartment!

    • on 10.03.2016
      at 12:45 PM

      Perfect! I’m a huge believer that simple, small changes can make a HUGE impact! Cheers!

  11. on 15.03.2016
    at 6:13 AM

    Hey cool article…

    Well, This is very helpful article specially for me as I always do so many efforts to keep my kitchen clean but you know my husband and children , they always create mess. Thanks for your article, I will follow your tips to clean my kitchen.

    your way to explain every tip is fantastic . you are awesome blogger. and Please give more tips to clean home appliance also.

    Keep it up..


  12. on 15.03.2016
    at 11:39 PM

    Hey there! 😀
    Now this is something really useful for many people out there as everyone nowadays is looking up for the ways so as to keep their home in best conditions and especially when its about kitchen they try their best to make it look the most attractive part of house.

    And the points mentioned above are all very much useful and can help people so that they can keep their house look exquisite.
    Loved it! 🙂

    Keep up your good work!
    Thanks alot! 🙂

    • on 16.03.2016
      at 8:36 AM

      Thanks so much Jesse!

  13. on 06.06.2016
    at 5:09 AM


    This post is quite interesting.

    After reading this I can say that replacing your kitchen can be one of the most expensive projects a homemaker can undertake.
    You can spend massive amounts of money if you wish on new fittings and appliances or on the other hand.
    And I think This is the best guide for the beginners..
    The best part is you have elaborate every point very clearly and the image is really superb..
    Thumbs Up to this post..
    Many blessing to you.
    Keep doing good work.

    • on 06.06.2016
      at 8:46 AM

      Thank you Jack!

  14. on 19.08.2016
    at 8:57 AM

    Hi Sheri,

    I’m so glad I bumped into your article today. Great job done! People will find a good place to start!

    I also like to cook where I feel comfortable. As a foodie, nothing interests more than a minimalistic, well-furnished kitchen.

    Besides the comfort, I think a minimalistic kitchen is easier to maintain from the hygiene perspective. 🙂



    • on 20.08.2016
      at 11:18 AM

      Thanks Alicia – and I’m glad you found the article! I’m with you: minimalistic, well-furnished kitchen. I find I tidy up before I start to cook.

      Cheers ~ Sheri

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