Master Bathroom: Wants, Wishes and Dreams

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This past week I was working on a master bathroom design plan for clients.  My clients were great in letting me know some wants, wishes and dreams for their new space.  Here is the process I worked through with them to give you an idea of what it is like to work with an Interior Design Professional.

Master Bathroom: As Is

This is currently how the master bathroom sits (I call it the ‘As Is’ plan):

master bathroom

As you can see, the master bathroom is only 88 square feet so we’re not dealing with an overly large area.  The bathtub is surrounded by dated tile and the bath itself is a jetted tub (that is not used).  The shower is also pretty small.

Master Bath

Draft One

Looking at all of the images, and talking about the potential for a stand alone bath, I created the first draft checking off most of the items on the wish list.  Here is draft one:

master bathroom

This plan shows a stand alone bath, a little bit of a larger shower (than what currently is in place) as well as some shelving by the bath.  I scooted the vanity down just a bit to make room for a little bit of a larger shower.  For this plan (and all of the other plans), I kept the plumbing roughly in the same place to save the budget!  This plan allowed my client to see the potential for a stand alone bath and how it can make the 88 square feet feel more spacious.

Collecting Ideas for a Master Bathroom

Most clients find it difficult to put into words what their hopes, dreams and wishes are so we often use Pinterest or Houzz to gather ideas and images.  After sending the first draft, here are some images my client sent me that she was drawn to:

master bathroom

Image source

Shelving around the edge and tub.

master bathroom

Image source

Glass cabinets.

master bathroom

Image source

Cabinet over the bath.

Draft Two

The first plan was missing a glass cabinet – which is something that I learned was on the top of the list.  My client was alson not 100 per cent sure about a stand alone bath.  So, here is draft two.  While there are items in this plan that I don’t like (the wall of cabinets), I put this together to show my client what all of the items on the wish list would look like.  Here is draft 2:

master bathroom

I’m not a huge fan of the glass cabinet on the vanity (as the vanity is already fairly small) and I feel with the tall cabinet above the bath makes the space feel crowded in.  What I didn’t realize (which was my mistake) is that the plumbing for the bath is actually on the other side.  That was a huge ‘PHEW’ as I could change things up.

Final Plan

Here is the final plan that I presented to my clients:

master bathroom

While I still provided a glass cabinet for my client, I took the one off the vanity and made the one above the bath the glass cabinet.  This plan checks everything off of the wish list and in my clients’ words:

“Love it, you are a mind reader!”

Master Bath Plan: Moving Forward

My clients now have a plan in place (a recipe) to give to their contractor to follow.  They had time to digest each option, make changes, include their wishes from their list, and see where their money is going to be spent prior to a hammer ever being swung.  Now that’s what I call a recipe for success!

Thinking of starting a renovation and wish to see your space before it’s built?  Contact me today to discuss your upcoming project and get your own recipe for success!  

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