Shower floor options: What is best for you?

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This week I’m going to presenting some bathroom options for clients.  In both bathroom presentations, I’m going to be going over shower floor options.  You see, during our meetings prior to me coming up with design options,  the Mrs. was stating that although she loves the look of a shower floor with tiles, she also knows there is more maintenance with grout.  Here are the options that I will be presenting.

Shower Floor Options: What I’m Working With

For the main bathroom, my clients are looking for a refresh of this space.  Nothing too fancy and nothing too crazy.  In their main bathroom, they currently have a seperate room for their bath.  Here is what their current space looks like:

shower floor options


My clients are wishing to change out the bath to a shower, refresh the vanity, counters, faucets, lighting, toilet and flooring.  Of course, there would also be new wall colour to go along with the new design.

My clients are also going to be renovating their master ensuite which also includes a new shower re-fresh.  So, for both bathrooms, there are two shower floor options that I am going to present to them (in no particular order).

Shower Floor Options: Acrylic Shower Base

The biggest ‘pro’ I hear from clients who have an acrylic shower base is the maintenance and how easy they are to clean.  To add to the ‘pro’ list is also the cost.  They are also easy to install and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With every options, there are also cons.  The biggest ‘con’ I hear is that they are not as nice looking as a tile shower floor.  While yes, this can be true, I believe that the other tile that is chosen to go with an acrylic base can make or break a space.  The other con, unless you are getting an acrylic shower base custom made, is that there are only certain sizes you can purchase.  Here are a few images that I think look beautiful.

shower floor

Image source

shower floor

Image source

shower floor

Image source

This is the shower that we will be installing in our basement development.

Shower Floor Options: Tile Shower Base

The biggest ‘pro’ I hear about a tile shower floor is that it is beautiful.  Period.  The second pro is that you can truly customize your shower floor space.  It doesn’t have to be a rectangle or square shape. In addition, there are a wide range of products (tile) that can be chosen.

The biggest ‘con’ I hear is that the tile (or should I say grout) can be a time-consuming cleaning task. Grout can wear down, it needs to be sealed and there is more maintenance that goes along with this kind of shower floor.

 Marble Shower Floor

A marble shower floor tile is absolutley stunning and luxurious.  A huge con is that it scratches and stains easily which means it needs to be sealed on a regular basis.

shower floor

Image source

Porcelain Shower Floor

The pros for this shower floor is that there is not a lot of maintenance and it is highly versatile.  There are also a multitude of options as there are many different tile shapes and sizes that can be used.

The con is that of course, there needs to be grout in between the tiles.  Although your grout lines can be smaller with rectified porcelain, you will still have grout.

shower floor

Image source

Pebble Shower Floor

This, by far, is one my favourite looks.  We rented a home in Hawaii one year where we had pebbles for our shower floor and I loved how it felt on my feet.  I know it’s not for everyone, but it can look stunning!

The con, as I’m sure you have guessed, is maintenance.  Cleaning and keeping up with the grout can be a bit of a pain

shower floor

Image source

Shower Floor Options

I have only scratched the surface of options for a tile floor as there are more tile options to discuss – including being able to heat the floor!  I hope that I will be giving my clients the information for them to make the best decision for each of their bathroom renovations.

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Thinking of an upcoming renovation and not sure where to start?  Want to have it all planned and see your space prior to a hammer being swung?  Contact me today to discuss your future space! 

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