The Sky’s The Limit – Garage Wall Storage

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When it comes to garages, most people do not wish to spend copious amounts of money getting it organized. It’s not really a ‘living space’ so I totally get it. What a garage is however, is a great place to store a variety of items that you really don’t want inside.

It’s been a busy spring when it comes to consultations and garage plans. This is a great time of year to take stock of your garage, hopefully get things out that you no longer use or need, and get it organized before the fall.

Wall space in a garage is prime real estate! From the very simple to the full-meal-deal, there are a variety of ways to organize your garage by using your wall space.

Wall Track Panels

This is one of my favorite ways to organize the wall space of your garage. The main reason that I love these systems is that it can grow and change along with your needs. You can start out with just a section or you can have the entire wall decked out with this system. In addition, the hardware can be bought separately (heavy duty U-hooks, metal shelving, bike hooks, etc). There are a variety of brands to choose from: Mastercraft and Gladiator  to name a couple.

Garage Wall Track System

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Pegboards work great for tools! No more digging and searching for the specific screwdriver that may be at the bottom of the toolbox!

Peg Board for Garage

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Garage Peg Board

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If you’re not sure how to install a pegboard storage system, you can click here for a DIY Tutorial.


If you have the wall space, cabinets are a great way to have items stored in your garage that are protected from dust and dirt by doors. The key here is to ensure you have enough space for these!

Decking out the entire garage.

Garage Cabinets

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To just installing what you need.

Garage Wall Cabinets

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When it comes to wall organizing in a garage, the sky really is the limit.

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  1. on 22.09.2014
    at 4:55 AM

    Your posted photos were really look like our garage. There was peg board in the middle and hanging cabinet on two sides. It is easy to find tools when your garage is very organise than messy place.

    • on 22.09.2014
      at 6:44 AM

      Hi Lauren,
      We couldn’t agree more. My grandfather always used a pegboard in his garage and that was so many years ago! As a handy-man, his tools were always organized! Thanks for stopping by to leave your comment. ~Sheri

  2. on 29.11.2014
    at 11:01 PM

    My father used to have one. Not like this one but there are similarities. Thanks for sharing.

  3. on 02.11.2016
    at 12:26 AM

    I enjoying your post very much. This is very interesting post and its providing me great info. Thanks for the posting.

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