What makes an ultimate garage for you?

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This past month we’ve been focusing on the garage.  From getting things off the floor, to using the wall space, to getting the most out of your garage space by using the ceiling.  This week, I’d love to share some ‘ultimate garage’ organizing images I have found.  Not only are these spaces an organizing dream, I believe they also use the space wisely to get as much storage as possible!

Ultiimate Organized Garage

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 What makes this an ultimate garage for me?

  1. Everything (except the garbage and recycling) is off of the floor.  This is so important when you bring in a wet car – either from rain or snow.
  2. There are clear ‘zones’.  On the right, there is clearly a sports zone.
  3. Clear bins have been used which makes it very easy to see what is stored.
  4. There is a home for everything for this garage.  When there are ‘homes’ for items, it is very easy to put things away.

Ultimate Red Organized Garage

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 What I love about this garage (not mentioned in the above) is the following:

  1. The use of color.  Red is a great color to use in a garage.
  2. The wall track system so that those frequently used items are easy to spot right away.  This also makes putting things away easy as well.

Ultimate Man Cave Garage

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I couldn’t resist on this one.  This Ultimate garage/man cave is a site to be seen.  According to MailOnline,

 “A 67th floor waterfront condo for sale overlooking Chicago’s Lake Michigan boasts unbelievable views and high-end luxury – and that’s just in the garage.

Hiding behind two ordinary doors, the condo’s included 12-car garage converted into a Ferrari-themed showroom and entertainment space is seen sheltering four Ferraris, two Porsches and an Austin Healy.

Rolled across bright red lacquered floors, the red and white vintage sports cars are just the accessories of a 2,700-square-foot heated showroom featuring track lighting, heating, and even a bar.”

What  ever size your garage is, there’s nothing saying that it can not be a well organized, functioning space. What are some things that would make a garage an ultimate space for you?

Sheri Bruneau  Get It Together

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  1. on 21.07.2014
    at 5:45 AM

    The Wall tracking system is what makes your car garage a real neat place where you will love to work upon. I really liked this concept. Thanks for such a wonderful post.

  2. on 20.05.2015
    at 10:36 PM

    The real question is how well can you show off your cars in the garage. How about a 2nd story over the garage with a glass floor. You can always look at your sweet cars while walking around 🙂

    • on 22.05.2015
      at 8:29 AM

      We have a couple of people in our neighbourhood that have car lifts but no glass floor. A glass floor – that would be so cool! ~Sheri

  3. on 18.10.2015
    at 8:57 PM

    An ultimate garage for me is where my car fits comfortably and where everything I need for my car is all there. But I must admit, these images are awesome and I am really impressed with it. I’m kind of thinking of renovating my own garage and make it as impressive as this. Thanks for inspiring!

    • on 19.10.2015
      at 6:22 AM

      Anytime! ~Sheri

  4. on 27.03.2017
    at 11:15 AM

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