Feeling stuck with your interior? 2 easy ways to freshen up your space

freshen up your space

Feeling stuck with your interior? 2 easy ways to freshen up your space

Since many of us have started working from home, the topic of how to freshen up a space is a hot one! I have carried out multiple online consultations with clients. Do you know what the main question has been?

What is an easy way I can change up my space?

While shopping malls and stores are closed, everyone is at the mercy of online shopping. I feel lucky as may of my trade sources have moved to online ordering (if they currently were not offering it). So while we are all practicing #stayathome, we can still find ways to freshen up our spaces.

2 ways to freshen up your space

For most of my online design consultations, we discuss paint and wall colours. We look at the fixed elements and I assist my clients with picking out a new wall colour(s).

But not everyone wants to paint to freshen up their space. So are there other ways to do this? Of course there is!

Toss Cushions

If painting is not your thing, adding in a few toss cushions is a great way to freshen up your space. First of all, let me educate you a little on toss cushions: you pay for what you get.

The expensive toss cushions are expensive for two reasons: they use a top quality insert as well as high performing fabric that will last.

The image below is of a toss cushion I had made when we purchased our custom sectional. Do NOT tell the mister, but each pillows cost me $200.00 (and that is my designer cost).

freshen up your space

These cushions have high performance fabric with a feather down insert. Did you know that these cushions are 5 years old? You would never know it if you could see them in person.

Look how cute this space looks (below) that was designed by my friend, Alyce Lopez. So fresh and springy! Alyce added in a little sprinkling of colour along with her neutrals. See how many toss cushions she has placed in this space? I count 7. Lesson? Don’t be stingy with the cushions.

Designer Tip

The best tip I like to give is the following:

  1. Invest in a couple GREAT cushions.
  2. Sprinkle in more budget friendly cushions throughout the season.


If paint and toss cushions are not your thing, then perhaps accents are. Accents are easy to add and a great way to adding in pops of colour. This, by far, is a great way to freshen up your space. Whether they are soft pastels or bold colours, items such as

  • vases,
  • candles,
  • bowls, and
  • trays

are just a few ways to add in that colour.

freshen up your space
Christine Kohut, Designer | Photographer Alisa Bovino

See how my other design bestie, Christine Kohut, has used accents to add just the right pops of colour? A few bowls, a coordinating vase with gorgeous orange flowers (and soda), and viola!

Designer Tip

I typically follow this little rule.

  1. 60% is the main colour of your room/space. If you think of it like walls, large furniture pieces, this will set your foundation.
  2. 30% is a secondary colour. Items such as accent chairs, drapery, or painted accent walls. This colour is a supporting colour the the above.
  3. 10% are accents. This is where all of the fun can be brought in. Go deep and rich or soft and romantic. This is where your personality can really shine!

Shop the Look

Going back to the above ‘rule of thumb’, here are some looks I’ve pulled together to freshen up your space.

The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.

For toss cushions, nothing beats a custom cushion to pull together your space. If having custom toss cushions is not an option, here are just a few that could certainly add some spice to your space!

For incorporating accents, the colour really depends on your space. I’ve pulled together some pretty blue and green accents. I find most people are able to add in a little bit of nature’s colours (blue and green) to freshen up their spaces.


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