Learning to Outsource

I’ve always been a curious one.  I want to know how to do things and I push myself to go beyond my limits to learn things that are out of my comfort zone.  I often have people say to me, “How do you know how to do that?”  My response is pretty typical, “I learned

Social Media Manager – What Can We Do For You?

It’s funny, I never really considered myself a Social Media Manager before until I recently took some courses on this very subject.  You see, I have a Twitter account, a Facebook account (one personal and one for our business), and a Linked In account.  I tweet regularly, update our Facebook and Linked In accounts regularly

End of the Day -10 Minute Fix!

Many clients I work with talk about how they dread to come into work the next day knowing they have a pile waiting for them on their desk.  I typically suggest a 10 – 15 minute daily ‘fix’ that consists of the following: 1. I ask that my clients book themselves a 10 – 15

One Life = One Calendar

Today I tweeted my ‘Tip of the Day’:  One Life = One Calendar.  I’ve had a ton of questions already about how to do that.  So, here are my steps on having one calendar for your one life.  For reference sake, I am going to use my family for the example. In my family there

Maintaining a new space

When I work on an office or home organization, quite often we will create (or tweak) a system. A lot of effort and time is spent in creating a space that will work for the individual.  But, what happens if you happen to share an office or home with someone who doesn’t care OR does

Feelings in a day

WOW – last night I went to sleep last night and all was good.  This morning, I woke up to hear about the devastation in Japan, and start the nail-biting while we wait to hear what happened in Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific Coast – including B.C.! Later on in the morning I