VA – Why Use One?

So, do you want to know why your business should use a VA?  Well, for the past 3 hours I was able to create and complete a brochure as well as work on a presentation for a new client.  Here’s the bonus for my client: 1. My new client does not have to create an

About Us!

  Welcome to our new blog.  We have just switched over so please bear with us as we work through some changes!  We look forward to sharing tips and strategies to help you lead the balanced life you deserve! It’s not just about organizing space…’s about organizing your life!

Spring is Coming!

I had some shopping to do today for a client and happened to be in one of my favourite stores – IKEA.  Although is was quiet in the store, there were many renovations going on.  Departments have been moved to different areas, new stock had arrived and the old stock was on sale!  Yesterday, I