2 Easy Steps on How To Make A Watermark!

Here’s a great video on how to make a watermark on an image.  This is especially important if pinning to Pinterest.  If one of your Pinterest image gets re-pinned a lot, your website URL can be seen by many, many people!  This video shows how to do this using Gimp. Gimp Graphics Mojo – Self-Study

Our 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

  Working in the organizing industry, I’m always on the look-out for tools to help people become more organized in their daily life.  Whether it’s for their work life or their personal life, I love investigating the different tools that are out there. Below are my 3 personal favorites that I tend to use almost

Couples Organizing Together

February!  Ahhhh…the month of love (and chocolate).  I’m sure you have all heard the saying, “Many hands make light work.”  Well it’s true, especially when it comes to organizing! Why not spend some quality time with your significant other, a loved one, or a friend and tackle one area of your home?  Here are some

How To Tame Your Dragon

It’s the year of the dragon this year and for many, it is a symbol of good fortune and a sign of intense power.  But for many, tapping into your power can be a struggle.  Not having clear direction can lead to roadblocks and dead ends.  When it comes to taming your own dragon and