2 Kinds of Clutter

Peter Walsh suggests there are 2 types of clutter that people accumulate: Memory clutter and 'I might need it one day' clutter.

How Does The Stuff You Own Let You Lead The Life You Want?

THAT is the question Peter Walsh asked the audience when I recently saw him live at an event.  A fairly simple, yet loaded question.  If you are not sure how to answer that question, you can start by seeing if you tend to use the following words to describe a space: suffocating buried can’t breathe

From Dumping Ground to Family Zone

Erasing every trace of this basement’s former life took creative thinking and smart design touches.  This article was written by   by Becky Harris   Houzz Contributor. After years of this single father being on his own, his basement had become a dumping ground for unloved furniture and old toys. But when he and his children began

Why Am I Keeping That?

The question of ‘what should I keep?’ comes up so often with clients. Many of the items we own have some kind of personal attachment(s). While our things and stuff have personal attachments, it just isn’t possible to keep everything.