How To Take Charge of Every Space

Does anyone else have an inside voice?  You know – that inside voice that you find either listening to or having a conversation with?  The one that might say, “You don’t really want to exercise, so don’t.  Take the day off.” “Go ahead.  Have that piece of chocolate.  You worked hard today.  You deserve it.”

How to sell your home for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

You may think that this statement is an advertisement from a Realtor to get his or her phone to ring… but there are four ways to shorten your days on market and sell for top dollar. Plan ahead Repair and maintain the exterior of your home and property when the weather allows.  Fence repair, yard

One question to ask yourself that will help you organize every space

Have you ever talked yourself into something?  Perhaps you’ve talked yourself into having that second piece of chocolate cake even though you know you shouldn’t.  Maybe you’ve talked yourself into buying clothes even though you don’t need it but it’s a really good sale.  Or maybe you’ve talked yourself into buying some furniture even though

Simple Changes That Won’t Break the Bank – Lighting Your Home

If you’ve ever bought a home, especially your first home, there is this feeling of excitement, accomplishment and love.  You may love: the neighbourhood the ‘bones’ of the home the location the design Image credit What typically happens is that we work to pay for our homes and as the years go on, our homes

Simple Changes that Won’t Break The Bank – Paint Colour

When you walk into a bright room like this, how does it make you feel?  Image credit  What about this room?  Image credit  And this room?  Image credit What about this one?  Image credit   According to Kendra Cherry, a psychologist, our feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience

3 Ways Your Home is Weighing You Down

Every New Year I’m sure you hear the same thing I hear and see the same thing I see.  Advertisements for loosing weight!  Here are some catchy ones I’ve seen so far: Lose Weight and Get Firm for Summer 2014 6 ways to lose weight in 2014 No more resolutions! 9 strategies for fast and lasting fat loss in 2014 But have you