What Can You Do About Sentimental Clutter Right Now

Since January, I have been extremely busy working with new clients fall in love with their spaces.  There’s just something about starting the year off fresh.  In many cases, during our time working together, the topic of ‘Sentimental Clutter’ seems to come up.  Since I don’t have a degree in psychology, I try and educate

Don’t be a knob: This will help you decide

When looking for new knobs and handles for a client’s’ kitchen cabinets, I found myself saying to to my husband, “Don’t be a knob.”  He had tagged along and I was looking at each and every handle.  He kept saying, “How about this one?  What about this one?”  All of his questions were code for,

A Favorite On-Line Store!

I’m not sure what it is with age, but the older I get, the less I want.  That being said, the things I like tend to be pricier.   So I guess it’s the age-old ‘you pay for what you get’ ringing true for me. In continuing our love this month in February, I would like

The Top 2 Stores I Visit For Projects

Seeing that it’s February and it’s a month known for ‘love’, I thought I would spend some time, sharing some great places that I often visit for projects and for clients.  Although there are many places I outsource, the following two stores are ones that I ensure I get to! Although it is not necessary