Stage a Garage? You bet!

Although garages tend to be an extension of a home and are often overlooked, they are one area that you do not want to forget about! It sounds weird to say that you need to stage your garage. What might be better said is that you need to clean out and organize your garage. Garages

You’ll Have Sweet Dreams If You Follow These 3 Bedroom Staging Tips

Bedrooms are intensely personal spaces, which makes them especially important areas to concentrate on during the staging and selling process. Potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves sleeping peacefully in your bedroom(s). In a previous post, I talked about having a vision for your bedroom(s). In that post, HOW DOES THE STUFF YOU OWN LET

How To Make Your Bathroom Look Like A Million Bucks

You and I both know what goes on in the bathroom. This may be the reason why potential buyers actually don’t spend a lot of time looking at this room. While potential buyers spend copious amounts of time in a kitchen, the bathroom is another story. Potential buyers typically poke their heads in, take a

3 Reasons That Are Keeping You From Getting It Together

I can come up with a handful of reasons to skip exercising. I’m too tired. It’s been a long day. I’ll do it tomorrow. And the reasons can go on and on.   I can actually convince myself to skip exercising every single day!  Really – I can come up with some doozies!  What I’ve