Why You Should Care About Getting Your Home Ready To Sell?

When I started this company six years ago, it was a residential organizing company.  I loved organizing spaces, loved helping people feel like they were getting back part of their lives they were missing, and generally just loved helping people.  I worked in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, home offices, garages, etc.  Two years ago I made

Your Complete Guide to Spring Decluttering | Guest Post

The idea of “spring cleaning” is a bit misleading. While it’s a no-brainer to get rid of dust and dirt, clearing out the clutter — the papers, the shoes, the sentimental tokens — is anything but simple. In The Beginning Choose an approach that’s right for you: Slow and steady: Pick an area with a

3 Steps to Help You Enhance Your Curb Appeal

When you take a look at the front of your home from the street or sidewalk, do you get that feeling that something is missing? That maybe something is not quite right? Perhaps you know something isn’t quite right but you just can’t put your finger on it? Whether you are working on your curb

Seasonal Tricks To Sell Your Home

Our focus this month is on curb appeal.  When Googling ‘Curb Appeal’ you get about 17,900,000 results (as of May 9, 2014)!  There is a lot written about curb appeal and the reason is because it is so important!  First impressions are lasting ones. The trick is to appeal to many buyers – in any

Shut The Front Door

Let’s consider what buyers see first—the outside of your house. The impression your home gives from the street is called “curb appeal,” and it’s a vital aspect of staging. Curb appeal is what creates the all-important first impression. When buyers first see your house from the street, it only takes about 10 seconds for them

Are You Ready To Shed This Spring?

Just after my hubby and I got married, we built a very small bungalow (our very first home) and soon after that, our first child was born. When I say we didn’t have a pot to pee in, we really didn’t have a pot to pee in! New house, new baby, both of us working