What makes an ultimate garage for you?

This past month we’ve been focusing on the garage.  From getting things off the floor, to using the wall space, to getting the most out of your garage space by using the ceiling.  This week, I’d love to share some ‘ultimate garage’ organizing images I have found.  Not only are these spaces an organizing dream, I

Look Up – Look WAY Up

In our last blog, I talked about using your vertical space in your garage. Not only does it get your items off the floor, most garages have great vertical space to use! A space often missed in planning storage options in a garage is the ceiling. There are a couple of options that I tend

The Sky’s The Limit – Garage Wall Storage

When it comes to garages, most people do not wish to spend copious amounts of money getting it organized. It’s not really a ‘living space’ so I totally get it. What a garage is however, is a great place to store a variety of items that you really don’t want inside. It’s been a busy

Pretty Does Not Mean Organized

Shocked The one word that came to me when a new client told me that she has had three different organizers work in her home (prior to me coming over).  While walking through her home and going over the areas that she was unhappy with and listening to her struggles, it was clear to see