Communication the Key

If you follow my blog, you will know that we’re in the midst of a very large reno helping our client fall in love with her townhouse.  Last week, although there was a ton of work done, it was a lot of work that most will never see. Electrical When dealing with any type of large

Ensuring that there is less of a chance of damage on your move

When you are looking down the barrel of a move, you will no doubt understand that there are many things that can go wrong, and the unlimited amount of stress that you could face can be pretty daunting. The main issue that people worry about tends to be that of wasting money, and damaging things

Letting it Go

When it comes to downsizing, it’s not always an easy thing to do. Whether you are downsizing because you are moving to a home that is smaller, or whether you realize that there is just too much stuff in your home – it doesn’t matter. The goal in downsizing is to reduce in number and

Before, During, and After: A Reno Project

August 29, 2014 was the first day I had a chance to see a townhouse that was in dire need of a facelift.  Our client had just purchased her townhouse and was desperately trying to fall in love with the townhouse.  The townhouse is in a fantastic location, the community is wonderful, but dealing with

Declutter & Downsize: An Exercise in Freedom

This month our focus is on Downsizing. The definition I use:  To Reduce in Number In a way, the word ‘downsizing’ can be interchanged with ‘decluttering’. So how do we get into the situation where we actually have to think about downsizing? Karen Kingston, author of “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” shares her view on

Save Time and Money by Creating a Floor Plan

This month our focus is on downsizing. The definition I use: to reduce in number. Whether I am called in for a consultation to get a home ready to sell, to help a family that may have a mom or dad that is ready to downsize, or whether it’s to help our clients fall in

Conquer Clutter in 1 Month!

We’re all guilty of hoarding a mixture of clutter over time that we just don’t sort out or throw away and actually don’t realise how much space in your home it takes up! Whether its books, papers, children’s toys and more it all builds up and not doubt at some point you’re going to have

Downsizing – It’s Not Just A Senior Thing

This month, our focus is on ‘Downsizing’. Image credit reading if you are thinking this only pertains to moving to a smaller home.  Downsizing can be defined simply as To reduce in number. My hubby and I have no intention on selling our home for quite some time but I am constantly downsizing. Remember, my definition is: to