The Domino Effect

Have you ever played dominos before? It’s so fun to line them all up and then knock the first one over and watch the others fall. Image credit This is an amazing display of falling dominos! When I’m called in to help our clients fall in love with their homes, I typically see a domino

Packing up to move

So the moment has arrived, it’s time to move out, let the tedious job of packing commence! Feeling a little stressed out about the whole packing process right now? Don’t worry many people do; it’s completely normal to feel like that especially when you are faced with a situation you know is going to be

Love Your Home – Reno Update

It’s been a while since we updated this reno project.  While the majority of the home is complete, we are still waiting for some custom glass inserts to be installed for the stairs.  We’ll be having professional photos taken when it’s fully complete, but here’s a few snapshots of what it looks like. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”10″

‘Tis the season

As we inch closer to the Christmas season I am amazed at how much paper must be used at this time of year. The weekly flyers were delivered to our front door and I couldn’t believe how big the stack was!  I’m still trying to catch the carrier to ask them to stop the flyers

10 Steps for Saying Goodbye to Sentimental Objects

Are keepsakes cluttering your space and your life? Consider this approach for letting go and moving on Old photographs, hand-me-down tea sets, sweaters, school art projects — we all have some variations of these items, just sitting in boxes, waiting for … er, what is it they are waiting for, exactly? A day when you

The Puzzle We Call Home

Have you ever tried to set a puzzle where you wanted a certain piece to go in one spot? And no matter how hard you tried, the piece just wouldn’t fit? Image credit If you really think about it, your home is a lot like a puzzle. There may be pieces of furniture that no

The Cost of Stuff

Over the past two weeks I have been involved with two downsizing projects. In both instances we hit a wall. We were faced with the ‘too much stuff’ problem. We ran out of room yet there were boxes that still needed to be unpacked. As much as I’d love to be a magician and create

From Coat Closet to Mudroom for Less Than $300

Walking into their split-level 1958 Seattle home always created a bottleneck for the NyQuist family. Kristen, Steven and their three kids — Elliot (age 8), Clio (6) and Shepherd (4) — would often get stuck on a 5-foot by 3-foot landing, where they would crowd around peeling off their backpacks and coats before shuffling farther

Falling In Love With Your Home

Isn’t it funny how we remember certain things from our childhood?  Just recently I was barking something at my oldest child (he’s eighteen and I swear I think he’s turning six at times) and I caught myself.  I actually caught myself laughing.  You see, what I was barking at him was something my mom would