Bedroom Organizing Tips

On Tuesday of this week I hosted an “Organize Your Bedroom” webinar.  Bedrooms are intensely personal spaces. In my opinion, everything in a bedroom should indicate rest and relaxation. So how you do you create a bedroom so it is the most calming private spaces possible – so that you can relax and have a

Entrance Organizing Tips

I had a full house for last week’s webinar on Organizing the Entrance and found the hour went by so quickly!  I talked about the front entrance as well as the back entrance.  It doesn’t matter what entrance we’re talking about, If you create zones (just like in the kitchen) you will find your spaces are

Clean Up Your Computer!

Did you know January is Clean Up Your Computer month?  The great folks at SingleHop have created a 3-week “Clean Computer Calendar” designed to help you prioritize, organize and safely store files that are currently living on your hard drive.  If you’re not educated on using the cloud as a tool for cleaner hard drives, this might just get you started!

Closet Organizing Tips

Last week I hosted the Closet Organizing webinar.  Although the webinars are intended to go for one hour, I went over by fifteen minutes as there was so much to share!  I covered clothes closets, linen closets and coat/jacket closets. Clothes Closet It’s often in clothes closet where it becomes hard to make decisions. Do

Kitchen Organizing Tips

Last Tuesday was the first week of our 6 Weeks To Fall In Love With Your Home organizing series. The hour long webinar was jam packed and I wanted to share a few things from the webinar. When setting up an organized kitchen for efficiency, we look at 5 areas. Food Preparation Zone Cooking Zone Cleaning

The Organizing Journey

Are you inundated with emails coming into your inbox talking about New Year’s Resolutions?  Although I’m pretty good at unsubscribing to junk mail, my inbox seems to be full of ‘How To’ New Year’s Resolution-type emails. Image credit January tends to be a time to set goals, make resolutions, and create ‘to do’ lists.  Although we have