3 Things We Learned While Designing and Installing an IKEA Kitchen

When the decision was made to design my kitchen using IKEA, and their new Sektion cabinets, I was giddy with excitement about all of the organizational features I could have.  Pull out drawer, after pull out drawer, after pull out drawer…do you see me drooling? Now that my kitchen has been designed and installed, there are three

An Essential Element for Your Home Decor – Candles

Home Decorating Home decorating is often about the little details, as much as it is about the big choices. The small, additional, contents of a room are what gives it individuality, and what helps us to create a certain mood or theme. Lighting is obviously more than a practical necessity in a home. It is an

Kitchen Remodel – Function and Layout

As my home is in a bit of shambles right now (drywall patching now done, island in place, plumbing in place in the island), I thought now would be a good time to talk about my kitchen remodel that is taking place. Kitchen Remodel – Why? If you were to ask my hubby, there really

Kitchen Renovation – Construction Phase

It’s been quite a week in my house.  Our kitchen renovation is in the construction phase so things have been pretty dusty. Organized Chaos As you all know, I’m an organized person so it didn’t surprise my family that I had organized our living during our reno. When I packed up my kitchen I decided

Getting Ready for a Renovation

Getting Ready For A Renovation As you all know, my family is embarking on our own renovation journey.  My hubby has decided that he would like to do a lot of the work himself.  So there was a LOT of reminding myself this past weekend that this is a journey, not hell!  I think what I

The Renovation Journey We’re About To Embark On

As an organized person (and some in my family might use the word control freak), I don’t do well with the ‘unknown’.  I like to plan out absolutely everything I can – right down to the very minute detail.  As you may know, my family is going to be starting a pretty large renovation in