Painting Wood to Transform This Space

It’s not uncommon for me to go to a consultation and see dated, wood panelling and the client wanting to freshen up the space.  When I see homes like this, I often hear one of two things: The clients are willing and excited to start painting the wood or The clients do not wish to paint

White Kitchens are NOT boring!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to take part in the Calgary Home + Design Show.  The big draw this time was Brian and Sarah Baeumler.  Although I didn’t get a chance to hear either talk, I heard they were very funny! This was the area that I was in and that was called ‘Ask An

You Want to Ignore What?

This past week I went for a colour consultation for an office. I was called in strictly to choose an interior colour for the entire office. In my discussions with the redesigner, the plan for this new renovation was to go very modern (sleek white cabinetry, natural wood desk tops and grey furniture). Nothing speaks

Go To Paint Colors

I see this a lot on Pinterest     Image credit   It’s such a great headline grabber who wouldn’t want to know?  Here’s the thing: while that may true all for some homes and properties, there are many homes and properties that these colors will not work!  On a side note: the blog article

September is a Great Time to Fall In Love With Your Home

When I think of September I think of the season of Fall/Autumn.  And what better way to start September than to fall in love with your home. Fall In Love With Your Home Fall Decorating I’m a huge fan of yellow (as that is my favourite colour) so it’s no surprise that I love the colours