Organize and Design Your Home

It was at this time last year that I was busy putting together a 6 week webinar series to help others organize and design specific spaces in their homes. The beauty of a webinar is that anyone can take the class at their convenience, at any hour of the day, wearing your P.J’s if you

Why Pre Renovation Work is So Important

It’s the week of Christmas and although I’d love to be ‘winding down’ for the holidays, the truth is I’m gearing up for January!  With a number of projects that will be starting in January there’s no time to rest.  So what exactly is involved in getting ready?  There’s a ton of pre renovation work

Renovation Expectations – What Are Yours?

I am not going to make excuses for what I did.  I am not going to lose any more sleep.  I am not going to stop eating due to being sick to my stomach.  I am not going to regret what I did.   What exactly did I do? I fired a client.   In the