What Goes Into a Design Plan?

I’m currently pulling together a design plan for a master bathroom renovation project. When working closely with my clients, I work in phases to ensure they are getting everything they desire in their space.  How do I do that?  I have a 2 part process to ensure nothing is missed. Design Plan: Part One This

Renovation Survival

Most people cringe at the word ‘renovating’, but as you may know, I love it!  I love hearing that people are going to renovate.  For me, it signifies change and growth.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a space rejuvenated and life brought back into a space.  In addition, I always love seeing people’s

5 Steps to Stay on A Renovation Budget

When I start to work with clients, the dreaded renovation budget question comes up.  I say it’s the dreaded question because most people really don’t know what things cost to renovate.  There are some that also don’t want to be honest with the budget for fear that the entire budget will be spent. So how

Bathroom Renovation: What Are The Options?

I’ve recently started to work with a family who is looking to have their master bathroom renovated and quite possible the main bathroom.  I say quite possibly the main bath as the first step in the process is to have all the Poly B lines changed.  Depending on the price to do that, I will either