Is my neutral beige really neutral?

This past week I had a couple of consultations that involved the discussion of neutral beige.  My clients were either looking at a new ‘neutral ‘ carpet or were looking at wall colour to go with their existing beige carpet. When I carry out a consultation, I try my best to educate my clients along

Bathroom Layout Plans

I’ll be the first to admit this:  I’m a visual person.  When I go to a client’s home and see the space they wish to renovate, I immediately start forming pictures in my mind.  I start digesting the things I hear my clients talk about for their wishes for their new space.  If you could

Women Build Day: Habitat for Humanity

A couple of months ago, I had a friend ask me if I wanted to be involved in the Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build Day and join her team.  My husband has participated in Habitat for Humanity before though his work so I knew what a build day was going to be like.  It involves hard, manual work

Master Bath Reveal: From Wonky to Wonderful!

As you may be well aware, I love to name my projects.  When I first had a chance to see this master bathroom, I was amazed at how many wonky corners it had.  Due to the corners, I named this bathroom renovation: ‘The Wonky Bathroom‘.  Below are a couple of before images of just how

What the Aloha Spirit Has Taught Me About Running My Business

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  If you’ve been following my blog, you may know that Hawaii happens to be my favourite destination.  Being born in the prairies, I’m not sure how I became such a beach girl but the minute we touchdown in Hawaii, I feel like I am home.  I especially love it