You’re Baeumler Approved: So what?

My very good friend and colleague in Burlington Ontario, Claire Jefford with Creating Contrasting Designs introduce me to the Baeumler Approved program.  So what does it really mean for me to be Baeumler Approved. Baeumler Approved: Who is Bryan Baeumler? In Canada, Bryan is a pretty big television personality.  His shows on HGTV include: Home to Win

A Renovation Secret: Conceptual Designs Will Save You Money!

Psst…..I want to share something with you.  You see, I have a little secret.  This little secret of mine has been a game-changer for my business as it has allowed me to work with clients to move their renovation from a dream to a reality.  So what it the secret?  Creating conceptual designs for the renovation

The Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices

When I start working with clients, I like to always try my very best to give them two options for their space.  I have recently started to work with a lovely couple who are looking to renovate their master bathroom and refresh their main bathroom.  I brought in a plumber right away to know exactly

A DIY Renovation Design Plan

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had a number of DIY (Do It Yourself) renovators looking to have a renovation design plan created.  While I did have a client who called me after a load bearing wall was removed (as they didn’t know it was a load bearing wall and this was a major

My Cream Colour Paint A-ha Moment

This past week I  had an ‘A ha’ moment.  I have been working in two homes that are both full of honey oak.  One home I’ve been working in has their renovation project happening in phases.  Last week Phase 2 officially started.  The current phase that I’m working on is the kitchen and part of the adjoining family