Keeping track during a renovation : A Sneak Peak at my Lists

This past weekend I went on a shopping trip with clients to solidify items for their renovation project.  I don’t typically work on the weekends however this project falls in the ‘special’ category.  What makes this project ‘special’?  This project is on a tight timeline as it is an investment property.  The quicker this property

All I want for Christmas Santa: Kitchen Renovation Timeline

On October 17, 2106, I met my client to discuss a potential kitchen renovation.  One of the questions she asked me is, “Can I have a new kitchen before Christmas?”   As I’m a backwards planner I took a look at my calendar and quickly worked through a kitchen renovation timeline and thought:  It’s totally do-able,

Creating a master ensuite: From $hitty to stunning!

As you may know if you read my blog, I am currently working in a really cute bungalow that will be totally renovated and flipped to sell.  Last week, I wrote about the overall project and what the home currently looks like.  This week, the focus is on the master ensuite.  Or should I say, CREATING

Open Floor Plan: Come along this journey with me!

I am currently working on a new renovation project where I will be creating an open floor plan.  The home is a cute bungalow and is a flip property (meaning this home will be updated to sell) and is just over 1300 square feet.  When I first met my clients at the home, I knew this was going