The Link Most Investors Miss: Hiring An Interior Designer

I was recently forwarded an article by property investor Kristal Heise, who owns Mahalo Properties.  Kristal sent me an article that she thought would be an interesting read for me. The article was titled: 7 Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started Flipping Houses.  While the article hit many great points, as I read through it

Conquering Exterior Colour Choices: Making Confident Choices

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Jody Roberts who is the General Manager of SIS Supply and Install Exterior Renovations Specialist.  SIS is looking to add value for their clients in having a designer assist their clients in choosing confident exterior colour choices.  I had previously worked with SIS on a

Space Planning: How We’re Getting It Right The First Time

I am currently working on a project where my clients are going to be moving into a new house in the summer.  The new house is gorgeous and has been fully renovated.  So why did my clients hire me?  As the house sits, the design is very industrial and has quite a cold feeling to it.  My clients