Colour Trends for 2017: My Personal Thoughts

This past week I was treated to an evening with Sherwin Williams to hear all about their colour trends for 2017.  While my design style tends to be more ‘timeless’, it was interesting to hear about the 4 trends and form my opinion. Colour Trend: Noir Noir means night, and just as you may think, the

Light Bulb Guide: Before you change to LED’s

Recently in Alberta, our Provincial government announced a new energy program called The Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program.  If you sign up for this program, the government will send an Energy Efficiency Alberta installer to your home.  They will visit your home and conduct a walkthrough to identify potential opportunities for energy-efficient upgrades at no charge. While

Curbless Shower: What You Need to Know

This past week I posted the following picture on my Facebook account with the words: “More and more of my clients seem to be requesting a curbless shower. One that has no step up into it. Would you be requesting one for your bathroom? “ Image source It was very interesting the feedback that I