My Renovation Goal For You

It’s always a risk to post images on Social Media.  You’ll get some lovers and you’ll get some haters.  Case in point, I love to share my renovation projects with everyone.  It is my hope that people will be inspired to get ideas for their upcoming renovation projects and hopefully hire me to help them

Designing an Office Space: How I’m Pulling Together This Space

I have the pleasure of designing an office space for a retail store here in Calgary called Bratopia.  The words sleek, sexy and hip are all adjectives that I’m working with to pull this design together. Designing an Office Space Inspiration When I first visited the office space it was honestly, quite ugly.  And by ugly, I

An unexpected renovation delay

This past week I received some disappointing news regarding an unexpected renovation delay.  I want to state right off the bat, this post is not a ‘blame-game’ post.  What this post is about is letting you know about this entire scenario, what options were given, and what my advice to my clients was.  You just never know

Women Build: A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

One of my favourite days of the year is Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Day.  This initiative started in 1991 and is a great opportunity to get involved.  The Women Build Week is held over three weekends here in Calgary.  This event invites women to help families build strength, stability and independence through housing. “Any

2 Words you should never say in a renovation!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been helping some clients select fixed elements for their upcoming renovations.  There are 2 words that I never want to hear clients say: I can live with it. This is good enough.  I Can Live With It With all the product that is available, you should never have to