Renovation Costs: What’s It Going to Cost Me?

When I meet potential clients for the first time to discuss an upcoming renovation, I typically get asked about renovation costs.  I get the following question:  “So what is this going to cost me?”   While I would love to just toss out a number, there are so many variables and factors that it simple

Preparing for an entire home renovation

Well – the time has come!  I have been working with a lovely family for just over a year in preparing for an entire home renovation project.  When I met with my clients, we discussed their wants, wishes and dreams.  Throughout this entire process, we have looked at a lot of different scenarios and design plans.

Master Bathroom: Wants, Wishes and Dreams

This past week I was working on a master bathroom design plan for clients.  My clients were great in letting me know some wants, wishes and dreams for their new space.  Here is the process I worked through with them to give you an idea of what it is like to work with an Interior

So where exactly do you start when designing a space?

I am currently working on a couple of design plans and I was recently asked, “Where do you start when designing a space?”  I thought that was a great question, so here’s my answer. Designing a Space: Where to start? Typically, when I start to work with clients, I get to see their space.  When