New build decisions: How to get a handle on it all

I am currently helping a new developer that is currently building two homes that are side-by-side.  There will be three developed floors with the floors measuring roughly 760 to 1035 square feet.  I have written one blog post about the developer not one hundred per cent happy with the floor plan that was created.  As you can

Basement Development: Preparing for construction to start

When my husband and I built our current home, we were moving from a fully developed bungalow into a two-storey home.  We had developed our basement in our bungalow however in our new home, my husband was adamant that we were not going to do a basement development.  He felt we had plenty of room. 

KBIS – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Orlando 2018

A couple of weeks ago I found out I was nominated and then chosen by Modenus to be a Design Hound on their Blog Tour for the KBIS 2018 show!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to be chosen and what a privilege it is. What is KBIS? The Kitchen and Bath Industry