Presenting a Design Plan: What does this look like?

It’s always an exciting time presenting a design plan for my clients.  If you have never worked with an Interior Design Professional, then you may not understand what goes into the plan.  Here is how I present my design plans for clients. Presenting A Design Plan When presenting a design plan, I typically like to

Legal Basement Suite: Home Sweet Home

As many of you know, I really like to give my projects some kind of name.  For this project I called it ‘Home Suite Home’ as a legal basement suite was developed.  This particular legal basement suite was so fun to work on with the property investors – who also happen to be very good friends

Shower floor options: What is best for you?

This week I’m going to presenting some bathroom options for clients.  In both bathroom presentations, I’m going to be going over shower floor options.  You see, during our meetings prior to me coming up with design options,  the Mrs. was stating that although she loves the look of a shower floor with tiles, she also