Luxury Bathroom Faucets: Adding the icing on the cake

Ahhh….the word budget!  Every time I work with clients of course I’m going to be thinking budget.  What I love about being in charge of the budget is that I can manipulate it to possibly splurge in one area and maybe pull back in another.  Today though, I’m not talking budget at all.  Let’s throw

Love for Learning: KBIS 2018 Orlando

As you all may know, I am heading to Orlando today for the KBIS 2018 (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show).  I am super excited as I get to be part of a 24 person team of influencers (other designers and professionals) to report on the latest and greatest at the show.  There are many things

Popcorn Ceilings: Is it really that easy to remove?

The dreaded popcorn ceilings!  All it takes is roughly 15 minutes into an HGTV show to hear the potential home buyers curse the dreaded popcorn ceilings that MUST go.  When it comes to many of my renovating clients, the ceilings do come up almost every time.  Why?  Their homes have popcorn ceilings and they hate