Bathroom Measurements: What the plumber will need to know.

I’m getting for a new project to start.  This project is an entire basement redevelopment that includes a bathroom.  As I prepare for this renovation to start, I am also getting ready for the trades to come in during their scheduled dates and times.  When it’s time for the plumber to arrive, they will need

The Best Backsplash for Granite Counters

When granite counters are chosen, I always, always recommend a solid backsplash to go with the counters. I’m a HUGE believer in having one aspect be the star of the space.  Granite tends to be a bit bossy – and just so you know – I don’t necessarily mean this in a negative way.  So

Quartz Counters: Why you should always double check

When it comes to countertops, I am typically specifying quartz counters or granite counters for bathrooms and/or kitchens.  In a recent project, I had worked with the clients to find the perfect creamy quartz counter for their kitchen.  As you know, there are various shades of white/cream so getting this right was super important.  Whites