Making changes for a renovation once the work has begun

Making changes for a renovation once the work has begun does not happen often with my clients.  We typically take a lot of time in the design phase to ensure we have thought out everything so that when the work begins, it is full steam ahead. This past week, I was faced with the need to

First Time Renovators Costly Mistakes: Avoid these 3

When you embark on your very first renovation, it can be exciting.  You’ve most likely have spent time creating your Pinterest boards and you have a really good idea of what you want to do. You have watched the TV shows that make it look oh so easy. As exciting as it is to start a

Are there times when you should compromise during a renovation?

Have you ever had to compromise during a renovation?  In roughly 9 out of 10 projects, this topic comes up.  Whether it revolves around compromising on product choices or compromising on a timeline, it does happen. Compromise during a renovation Product compromise When I start to pull a budget together, that’s when the numbers start to

4 benefits when you hire an Interior Designer

When I met my latest client, let’s call her Sally (not her real name),  she had a good sense of what she liked and didn’t like. What Sally struggled with was that she didn’t know how to pull everything together.  It was suggested to Sally that she hire an Interior Designer like myself by one