My Home Office: A few of my favourite things

I’m not sure if many of you know, but I have a home office. While I have been asked to move into a number of office spaces, I really don’t wish to leave my cozy space. I’m writing this blog as part of a blog link up or blog hop. You will see at the

Kitchen Cabinets: The difference between custom vs IKEA cabinets

Since January, I have started to work on 6 new kitchen designs. In my past kitchen design work, I have worked with both my custom cabinet company as well as with IKEA. When it comes to looking at kitchen cabinets, what is the difference between custom cabinets vs IKEA cabinets? DESIGN When working on a

Removing a load bearing wall: What our choices were

In a current project, I had some options to remove a load bearing wall. What were my choices and what did I end up doing? My Love At First Sight project has been rolling right along. For this project, I had planned to take out two walls on the main floor to open up the

Spring Ahead: Time to include some beautiful clocks to your home

Are you getting ready to move your clocks forward – spring ahead? For those of you who live in Arizona or Hawaii or Saskatchewan, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Quebec’s north shore and Peace River Regional District, B.C., all I have to say is Lucky bastards! The older I get, the more I detest the time change.  I find it