Creating a Smart Home: Good, Better, and Best Options

On Friday, I had the opportunity to be part of a small group of interior designers who came together to learn more about smart home technology. A huge thank you to Debra Blake Designs for setting it up. Smart Home Technology When it comes to a smart home, many people don’t really know what that

Creating a renovation budget: 3 Steps to ensure success

While creating a renovation budget is not rocket science, it does require skill, knowledge, and manipulation. Ensuring the task list is checked off (known as labour) as well as making sure the functional design is pretty (known as the sourcing), these two key elements are essential to a successful, on-budget renovation. While it is very

3 Reasons I love working with a property investor

As an interior designer, I work with a number of property investor clients. These projects are typically “buy and flip” projects however, I have worked with clients who have purchased property to rent out (known as “buy and hold” properties). I have had people ask me how they can get involved in all of this

Kitchen Backsplash Choices: What I went with and WHY

As you all know, we have a little project on the go that I’ve called, “Love At First Sight”. You can read about this project here, and here. I have had a clear design vision for this home right from the start. There has only been one area that has caused me some sleepless nights: