Laundry Room Love: Project Reveal

I am so happy to be sharing our latest completed project, ‘Laundry Room Love’. While this project was being worked on, I was designing an ‘Age in Place’ home. You can read all about the laundry room in that home, here. Having worked with this family before with their past main floor/kitchen renovation. When they

Range Hood Options: What are my choices?

The last couple of blogs, I’ve been trying to do my best to educate my readers about certain things that revolve around renovations. I’ve talked about the ever-sexy electrical panel and just last week, I talked about CFM and range hood specifications to look for. This week, let’s stay with our stove/range hood theme and

Electrical Panel: What you need to know before a renovation

I have invited an electrician that we use on our projects to discuss a topic that’s not very pretty or sexy, but SUPER important during a renovation. Your electrical panel is something that is always looked at when we take on a renovation project. I’d like you to meet Robb Lacey who is the owner