Colour trends for 2021: See what Behr Paint has put together

Behr recently came out with their colour trends for 2021. It seems kind of crazy that we’re already talking about the year 2021, but can I just say that I’ll be happy when 2020 is over! Colour trends for 2021 Every year, paint manufactures come out with their own trends. We also wait patiently to

Kitchen Renovation Plans: A sneak peek into this project

When it comes to creating kitchen renovation plans, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. We are about to embark on a new kitchen renovation and have been working with our clients since the end of May to get everything prepared. Kitchen Renovation Plans I am such a firm believer in

Master Bath Makeover Sneak Peek

We are gearing up for a master bath makeover and have been busy pulling things together for this project. The As Is We always start with how a space currently looks. For this master bathroom, this couple has a double sink, a small shower, and of course, the toilet. This master bathroom has my clients

Demolition in a renovation | What is really on the ‘to do’ list

When it comes to a demolition in a renovation, most people think that demolition can actually be fun. You’ve all seen the demolition reels on TV shows. Swinging sledge hammers, breaking through drywall… it sounds a little fun, doesn’t it? I can just feel the testosterone building! When we deal with a renovation budget, I

Our Outdoor Oasis: Creating an backyard living space

This summer we recently created an outdoor oasis. We did not have a backyard living space on our radar at all! When all of our travel plans came to a screeching halt, we decided to invest in our backyard to make it an outdoor oasis. Backyard Living Space Even though this is my own project,