A shot of colour for a bathroom: Sneak Peek

When I say we are adding in a shot of colour for a bathroom, I am not kidding! A couple of weeks ago, I shared what we had planned for a powder room makeover for this family. I can’t wait to show you what we actually picked for that space because it’s not anything that

Project Reveal: Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat

Our Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat recently completed and I’m happy to share the results! Our hope was that we transformed a dated space and created a spa like dream. As Is I always like to show you what the ‘before’ or ‘As Is’ plan was prior to us working in the space. The Plan

Sneak Peek at a Project | We’re having some powder room planning fun

Powder room planning is always fun work, and this one is no exception! We’re getting ready to start a couple of bathroom renovations for clients and we’re super excited. These bathrooms were planned out prior to Covid so after waiting this out a bit, we’re now ready to begin! Since our original planning, we’ve changed

The Power of Painting Kitchen Cabinets |See this transformation

Painting kitchen cabinets can have a very powerful effect on a space. And while we have had previous projects where we have painted cabinets, this transformation is quite spectacular. The Wish I received a call in June to assist this family and their home. Last year, I had helped with their exterior choices and I

Mid Century Vibe: From 1976 to 2020 Project Reveal

Our Mid Century Vibe project was complete just before we were hit with COVID- 19. While this project has been completed for quite some time, it was sure nice to be back in the home to take our final photos. Background When I found out that my clients were going to be moving from Ontario